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WonguStatue Wongu (圓球) literally means a “round ball.” It represents all elements that exist in nature and suggests the harmony that exists within them and between all people. By extension, it also refers to the origin of life as well as the seeds of Oriental medicine. As is true of all things that are at one with nature, a healer’s journey involves achieving balance and harmony in the lives of patients as well as the healer. Coupled with the meaning of Wongu, the University’s logo of the three circles represent the traditional Sam Taegeuk (three Taiji), a Korean symbol representing heaven, human, and earth. The logo aims to present how the three movements and work together in harmony. Wongu101


In Historic Nevada In 1973, Nevada became the first state in the United States to grant licenses to practitioners of Oriental medicine. Among California and 20 other states with schools of Oriental medicine, Nevada stands out as one among only three states recognizing doctors in Oriental medicine, i.e. OMDs as distinguished from licensed acupuncturists. Wongu, located in this historic state, will emerge as a leader in the advancement of traditional Oriental medicine. Las Vegas as the Hub of the World Las Vegas is a place of global attraction, hosting a variety of international conventions, including world-class exhibitions and conferences for medical professionals on a yearly basis. It provides a myriad of hotel and convention center choices for the gathering of leading practitioners and researchers with convenient distance to the airport. Las Vegas visitors and residents, together with the Wongu University community, can mutually benefit from opportunities arising out of such global assemblies and the exchange of wider knowledge. Easy access to such abundant resources qualifies this city as a premier location for a school of Oriental medicine. Wongu’s Facilities Wongu University has over 12,000 sq. feet in two adjacent buildings to meet the needs of both didactic and clinical education. The two buildings house spacious classrooms, administrative offices, a library, student and faculty lounge areas, kitchen, and Wongu Health Center. All facilities are conveniently located on 8620 and 8630 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89123; allowing for students and faculty to use the 110 bus line to travel to campus. In addition, Wongu provides roughly 65 parking spaces for students, faculty, and staff. Wongu University of Oriental Medicine’s structures have been newly renovated; and in particular, Wongu Health Center, the only teaching community OM clinic in Nevada, has a beautiful meditation room, a patient lounge, herbal dispensary, administrative and practitioner’s offices, an intern lounge, and nine professional treatment rooms. Classrooms are fully equipped with teaching aids, including whiteboards, charts, overhead projectors and screens, anatomical models, and other teaching aids. All of the classrooms contain desks, chairs, and treatment tables for demonstration. The classroom used for practicum classes is equipped with 10 treatment tables.


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