University of Wisconsin Parkside College of Arts and Humanities


We invite our students to join us on a journey to explore, understand, and appreciate the beauty and complexity of human experience and expression. We teach critical thinking, teamwork, effective oral and written communication, and creative problem-solving. Through training in the arts and humanities, students develop skills and talents that offer clear pathways to meaningful careers, civic engagement, and enriched lives.

We also invite the community of Southeastern Wisconsin to embark with us on amazing artistic and cultural adventures that take place at the Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for the Arts and Humanities, fondly known as the Rita. Any given night, citizens of our community can hear a world-class jazz concert; attend an inventive interpretation of a classical play put on by our award-winning Theater Arts students, or view a cutting-edge artistic installation in our Fine Arts Gallery. Opportunities to participate in the "life expressive" abound and are not to be missed!



Wood Road,900
53144 Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

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