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Founded in 1928, the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business has been accredited since 1967 by AACSB International, the world’s preeminent accreditation body for business schools. We are the largest contributor of business graduates to Silicon Valley and a major contributor to what the Valley is today. Like the University in which it is housed, The Lucas College and Graduate School of Business reflect the vibrant, multi-cultural and global atmosphere of the Silicon Valley. With more than 175 faculty and 5,000 students, our college offers students global opportunities, while holding strong ties to Silicon Valley companies.

Through our undergraduate schools and departments, we deliver thirteen business concentrations, and our graduate school provides advanced degrees and certificates in business, accounting, taxation, and transportation management. Our Centers and Institutes offer unique opportunities for students to hone their knowledge and skills in tax, accounting, financial services, operations management, global leadership, entrepreneurship and more. Other award-winning programs round out LCoB’s student experience creating an extraordinary learning community Powering Silicon Valley and beyond.

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business - Powering Silicon Valley

We provide the resources, skills, and opportunities for students to succeed in the Silicon Valley—one of the most thriving, competitive and innovative economic regions in the world—and beyond.

Blending multi-cultural, global perspective with Silicon Valley’s historic foundation of technological innovation, our programs are a reflection of our esteemed, local heritage. With over 80% of our students working in the Valley, our business students and alumni are truly Powering Silicon Valley.

Lucas College of Business offers students considerable choices for their focus area of study with thirteen business concentrations. The Jack Holland Student Success Center provides individualized attention to help students navigate their educational choices and career path.

Our world-class Centers and Institutes support the student experience with enhanced education and networking with high caliber, local professionals in a wide range of industries. Unparalleled student resources such as the Gary J. Sbona Honor’s Program, the Thompson Global Internship Program, and our renowned faculty provide the resources and environment in which students can explore professional prospects and benefit from unique experiential learning.


LCoB Vision, Mission, and Values. As Silicon Valley’s largest and oldest public university, San Jose State University has been serving the educational needs of our community and its global marketplace since 1857. Founded in 1928, the College of Business has been accredited since 1967 by the AACSB International, the world’s preeminent accreditation body for business schools. We are the largest provider of business graduates to Silicon Valley and a major contributor to what the Valley is today.

Vision. Our College powers Silicon Valley by serving the global and diverse demands of this dynamic and innovative business environment. We provide a 21st-century education to enable the success of our students, employers, and the community.

Mission. We are the institution of opportunity in Silicon Valley, educating future leaders through experiential learning and character development in a global business community and by conducting research that contributes to business theory, practice, and education.

Core Values

  • Excellence - We are driven by standards of excellence in teaching, research, and service
  • Ethics - We set the highest standards of academic and professional behavior to encourage social responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship - We foster a culture of innovation and creativity
  • Engagement - We build a culture that values diversity, open communication, and collaboration

Implications of Our Mission

  • Institution of opportunity - We offer a high-value quality education that empowers both working and full-time students, of all ages and diverse backgrounds, to transform their lives.
  • Silicon Valley focused - We integrate the Silicon Valley experience in our programs, research, student involvement, and community relations adding value to the Silicon Valley region and beyond.
  • Experiential student learning - We educate students using innovative pedagogies and experiential learning, through engagement with local and global businesses and communities, professional development, and cross-cultural experiences.
  • 21st-century education - We create a technology-mediated learning environment and continuously improve and develop programs that engage, impact, and add value to both business and society.
  • Leadership in a global business community - We provide a talent pool, idea leadership and business community engagement through our institutes and centers of excellence that support Silicon Valley’s growth in the global marketplace.
  • Research - Our diverse faculty focuses on research and professional engagement that impact the theory and practice of business and education in Silicon Valley and beyond.


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