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The School of Continuing Education offers master’s degree programs in emerging and cross-disciplinary fields, courses and certificates, Columbia Summer, programs for visiting domestic and international students, and more. The School of Continuing Education at Columbia University is a resource for those who wish to take their lives in new directions. Our students are motivated, serious, academically oriented people who seek professional, personal, or academic development in subjects that range from the sciences to the humanities to the arts. The scope of the School extends far beyond evening classes for returning students. Our programs serve not only non-degree and professional students, but also hundreds of graduate and undergraduate Columbia matriculates every year.

We currently offer

  • Fourteen professional master’s degrees
  • Postbaccalaureate study in over 100 subject areas
  • Over 50 high school program curricular options
  • Ten levels of ESL instruction
  • Access to Arts and Sciences courses through the Auditing and Lifelong Learning Programs
  • The University's Summer Sessions

Though this offering is diverse, our programs are unified by our mission: to transform knowledge and understanding in service for the greater good: a just, sustainable and compassionate global society. Please explore our site and consider all that Columbia’s School of Continuing Education has to offer.


Since 1995, Columbia University’s School of Continuing Education has administered and developed innovative programs that fill a diversity of student needs. Originally named the Division of Special Programs, continuing education at Columbia began with several non-degree programs, one overseas program, the Summer Session, Summer High School Programs, the American Language Program, and a few inter-institutional arrangements. Over the next five years, the Division expanded steadily, launching a series of programs aimed at postgraduate students who needed to prepare for graduate school or career advancement and at undergraduates who wanted to study overseas for a semester, year, or over the summer. In 2002, the University’s Board of Trustees granted final approval for the creation of the School of Continuing Education, the first new school at Columbia in 50 years. With this new status, SCE gained the authority to confer the Master of Science degree. Since 2002, the School has undergone remarkable growth. Today the School administers 14 professional M.S. degree programs, postbaccalaureate study in over 50 subject areas, the Summer Sessions, the American Language Program, and Summer High School Programs. The School currently enrolls approximately 6,000 students every year, from across the nation and around the world. We serve hundreds of students enrolled in other schools of the University through the Summer Sessions, our study abroad offerings, and through the professionally oriented courses, we mount each year. This robust growth is a testament to the vitality of Continuing Education at Columbia and to the success of our students and programs. We continue to look forward to developing opportunities for students to change their lives through rigorous academics and challenging study.


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