By expanding your professional knowledge and earning a Columbia College degree, you will become more accomplished both personally and professionally.

Why Choose Us?

Columbia College offers adult students the flexibility to earn a degree from a fully accredited College that has the highest accreditation standards. Courses are taught by distinguished professionals who have real-world experience in their fields of expertise and are committed to your education and success.

The online program at Columbia College is an affordable and convenient option for adults who are looking for career advancement, career changes or those who may need to finish a degree program they started at another college. Designed specifically for adults working in public service, business or the military, the online program gives you flexibility to complete your degree while meeting your career, family and community obligations.


  1. Earn your degree from a respected, accredited institution
  2. Learn from distinguished faculty who have real-world experience in their field
  3. Access courses and technical support 24/7
  4. Benefit from small class sizes and engage with other students and faculty
  5. Receive credit for fire service, emergency medical service, prior law enforcement, military and corrections training.
Programmes taught in:
  • English