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The Clarkson School of Business is different—and that’s the way we like it. Our undergraduate business majors and graduate business programs stand out because they are designed to meet the targeted needs of the world's most innovative companies. These companies seek out employees who can think across traditional boundaries, merging solid business know-how with insight into engineering, global supply chain management, information systems and more.

That’s exactly the type of career-launching business education you will receive at Clarkson.

Undergraduate Business Programs

Designed in partnership with industry leaders, each of our undergraduate business majors blends two or more disciplines to build a highly effective and dynamic degree:

  • Engineering & Management (management, engineering, science and technology)
  • Financial Information & Analysis (finance, accounting, technology and economics)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (operations, marketing, technology, and economics)
  • Information Systems & Business Processes (technology, management and operations)
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship (marketing, management, technology and economics)

Learn more about the First-Year Experience, the Global Business Program, minors and concentrations, and our internships and co-op opportunities.

Graduate & Executive Business Programs

An MBA from Clarkson is powered by the same interdisciplinary spirit, merging the best practices of business management with a global, sustainable, technology-driven perspective:

  • One-Year MBA
  • Global One-Year MBA
  • Accounting MBA
  • Environmental MBA (two-year program)
  • Master of Engineering / MBA (dual degree)
  • Online MBA (part-time)
  • Graduate Certificates
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


Dual Master Degree Programme (ME/MBA)

Campus Full time September 2017 USA Potsdam

At Clarkson University, you have the opportunity to earn two master's degrees in two years, developing your engineering and management skills in a stimulating, project-based environment. [+]

Dual Master Degree Program (ME/MBA) Earn Two Master's Degrees in Two Years At Clarkson University, you have the opportunity to earn two master's degrees in two years, developing your engineering and management skills in a stimulating, project-based environment. Students first complete a program leading to a 30-credit hour, non-thesis Master of Engineering (ME) degree. This program focuses on practical design applications in an environment that spans the boundaries between traditional disciplines. You must submit your application to the ME program first which will then be sent to the Graduate Business Programs Office for evaluation. Students accepted into the ME/MBA dual degree program will have an opportunity to complete the necessary business foundation requirements in the summer through the Business Concepts Program after earning the ME but prior to the start of the MBA program. These foundation courses will be offered at no tuition cost to participants in this dual degree program. The second year, you will earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, emphasizing teamwork and leadership and managerial skills, again benefiting from Clarkson's size, which allows individual attention from professors. At the end of this experience, you will have enhanced your engineering skills and learned valuable management skills - both of which will further your career. Master of Engineering This special non-thesis program can be viewed as a professional extension of your undergraduate degree. The curriculum will prepare you for advanced work in engineering. You will learn from faculty who have achieved national and international recognition for their work. You can earn the Master of Engineering in any of Clarkson's engineering departments: chemical & biomolecular, civil & environmental, electrical & computer, and mechanical & aeronautical. The program assumes you have an undergraduate degree in an appropriate engineering discipline and will continue studying in that area or a related field. The Business Concepts Program Upon review of your undergraduate transcript(s), the Graduate Business Programs Office will notify you if you need to take any required business foundation courses. Students may be required to take up to a maximum of 10 courses (1.5 credits each) at no additional tuition cost. These summer courses provide a solid business foundation and are required before you begin the MBA. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Teamwork is a central focus of Clarkson's MBA program. We emphasize the development of effective communication skills, including oral, written and multimedia methods. The core courses use cases, behavioral role-playing, and simulation gaming as teaching methods. Several hands-on projects, consulting assignments, and global business program opportunities provide application of theory to real business situations. The MBA program begins in mid-August and is completed by early May. The Clarkson MBA program is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), a distinction enjoyed by only 33 percent of business schools in the United States. ME/MBA Admission To Apply for this dual degree program, you need to complete: 1.One application (good for both degrees) - once your application is reviewed for the Master of Engineering program, your file will be sent to the Graduate Business Programs Office for evaluation for the MBA program. 2.Two Essays 3.Resume 4.The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Exam 5.International Students must also submit a TOEFL exam For the School of Engineering, a TOEFL score of 550 PBT, 230 CPT, or 80 iBT is required For the School of Business, a TOEFL score of 600 PBT, 250 CPT, or 100 iBT is required. In addition, students will be required to complete a TSE (Test of Spoken English). This can be completed by either scoring a 100 or better on the TOEFLiBT exam or by calling the Graduate Business Programs Office for a brief telephone interview. If a student is accepted for the dual degree program, letters of acceptance and notification of merit-based scholarships will come from both offices. If a student is denied acceptance into the Master of Engineering program, it is still possible to be admitted into the MBA program and vice versa. Costs and Financial Aid More than 90 percent of students in the dual degree program receive financial aid. The School of Engineering provides some merit-based tuition scholarships during the Master of Engineering year. For this scholarship, students will work as a research or teaching assistant. The School of Business offers merit-based scholarships as well but in the form of tuition waivers. During the MBA program, students can also work as a graduate assistant earning up to $1,500 per semester. [-]


M.S. in Engineering Management

Campus Full time September 2017 USA Potsdam

Today's global marketplace demands technical professionals grounded in engineering innovation and best practices in business. [+]

M.S. in Engineering Management Today's global marketplace demands technical professionals grounded in engineering innovation and best practices in business. Clarkson University, driven by its standard to defy convention, meets this global need with a unique Master of Science in Engineering Management built for rising at-work professionals. Fused with Clarkson's reputation for academic excellence--top rated by U.S. News & World Report--this two-year, 30-credit hybrid program inspires students from leading corporations across the United States. This program is optimized by partnerships with IBM, Turner Construction, United Technologies, and the National Society of Professional Engineers. Ongoing program input from these industry leaders provides the most current and sophisticated business and organizational skills demanded by the marketplace, giving engineers and technical professionals the competitive edge required for advancing careers. Curriculum Clarkson's Master of Science in Engineering Management is designed to accommodate the complex schedules of working professionals with a combination of in-person and virtual classroom experiences. A win-win opportunity for both employee and employer, this "worker friendly" format allows students to apply new skills to the workplace in real-time while earning their graduate degree. Throughout the two-year program, students bring a wealth of workplace experience to their physical and virtual classrooms, creating a sophisticated learning community where vibrant discussions begin face-to-face at the launch of each semester with in-residence classes in either Beacon, New York or Burlington, Vermont. These state-of the-art education facilities help to facilitate a cutting-edge, "learning-centric" experience with flexible settings to support the programs creative and innovative curriculum. Interactions continue online, as students and faculty transition to the virtual classroom for the remainder of each semester, working together during follow-up, synchronous online meetings. Program Highlights Study core concepts via synchronous and asynchronous methods while interacting with peers and faculty throughout email, social media, web-conferencing, and other technologies. Focus on building expertise in project management, financial management, quality management, and operations strategy while having the opportunity to apply what you have studied in a final capstone project that will be completed in conjunction with your organization. Engage with a supportive cohort of goal-oriented professionals and peers enhancing their professional development while managing responsibilities at work and home. Attend several weekend residency sessions in Beacon, NY or Burlington, VT, and connect with fellow classmates, faculty, and prominent members of the Clarkson Community while taking part in classes and exercises that focus on communication, collaboration, and creativity. Beacon Institute | Clarkson University Partnership Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, a subsidiary of Clarkson University, is headquartered in the City of Beacon in Dutchess County, New York. The mission of Beacon Institute is to create and maintain a global center for scientific and technological innovation that advances education, research, and public policy regarding the environment, specifically rivers and estuaries. Beacon Institute | Clarkson University implements its mission through a multi-disciplinary focus on science and technology, education, and policy. Teams of scientists, engineers, and educators and policy experts take an integrated, data-driven view of how communities and ecosystems interact to create new mechanisms through which humans can gain a more sophisticated understanding of rivers and estuaries for the benefit of public health, economic development, restoration of ecosystems, and quality of life. Admission Admission to the program is based upon the overall qualities of your application including professional experience, professional references, undergraduate academic performance, and statement of purpose. Minimum admission requirements for the program are: 1.Submission of application form. 2.A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in engineering or technical field. Any degree earned internationally must be deemed equivalent to a U.S. bachelor degree. 3.Official transcripts from all universities or colleges and other post-secondary educational institutions (including trade schools) attended. All transcripts must be submitted regardless of how many credits were earned. 4.Two letters of reference, preferably from a supervisor or colleague. 5.Submission of an official GRE test score. (Note: This requirement may be waived for any applicant that has previously completed a Master's, Doctoral degree program or an applicant that has considerable, relevant work experience.) 6.Current professional resume or CV. 7.Statement of Purpose that is one page each in length, double spaced: Describe your career progress to date and your future short-term and long-term career goals. How do you expect an MS from Clarkson University to help you achieve these goals and why now? [-]