Christian Brothers The Rosa Deal School of Arts


The Rosa Deal School of Arts is the heart of the educational experience at Christian Brothers University. Through courses taken in the Rosa Deal School of Arts, you develop broad general knowledge in the arts, humanities, and social sciences regardless of your major. You develop skills in different forms of inquiry, abstract logical thinking, and critical analysis. Studies in the School of Arts provide you with an array of opportunities to enhance your abilities to think, read, write, and speak while cultivating historical, ethical, religious, literary, and social scientific consciousness.

When you study within the Rosa Deal School of Arts, you join a particularly intellectual community of learners and take part in its special way of exploring the world and the self, thereby preparing for a wide variety of educational and professional choices. All School of Arts majors takes a variety of courses from across departmental disciplines selected for the purpose of providing you with a broad, deep, and rich educational experience.



East Parkway South,650
38104 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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