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CalUniversity was founded to provide Internet-based instruction in Business, Management, Information Technology and other specialized fields of study.

To meet this aspiration, and to provide practical and focused training, the institution's goals include the delivery of coursework by indirect instruction. The special character of this institution is reflected in its very current program content relating to matters in business administration, management information systems, and information technology. Our programs are job role based and incorporate the key elements of emerging technologies and modern business and management skills.

Our students will be provided the opportunities for learning that are inherent in an up-to-date curriculum. Our programs are designed to train individuals to work as leaders and business owner/operators. Our focus in on the delivery of challenging curricula components that is up to date and demanding.

These degree programs are intended for adults who aspire to bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in our subject areas. Internet-based instruction is available to enable working professionals to continue their education without the need to travel to a training facility.


The California University of Technology exists to further the advancement of education to people from all walks of life. CalUniversity is here to provide an education for young people establishing their career, for more experienced professionals needing an educational advantage, and to others, like managers and IT professionals, who want to move ahead in their careers.

The university is dedicated to providing leadership and an unprecedented forum through which the knowledge and life experience of our faculty will supplement our curriculum.

The California University of Technology is a leading online university founded with one aim in mind—to help students excel in their career goals. In keeping with our founding philosophy:

“To Inspire Vision; To Create Brilliance; and To Achieve Success”, our expert faculty has mapped several pathways that will help you develop a strong academic and professional future.


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