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CBE provides life-changing, quality business education to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to become successful business professionals and leaders.


We aspire to be a leading business school known for making a difference in the lives of our students and for our impact on the world.


In support of our mission, we value:

  • Ethical behavior and personal integrity
  • Collegiality and mutual respect
  • Collaboration for learning, scholarship, and community engagement
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Inclusive learning environment for a diverse student population
  • Innovative thinking and a global mindset

Expected Outcomes

<ul> <li> Student professional success.</li> <li> Innovative academic programs meeting business and professional needs.</li> <li> Improvement in student learning based on teaching innovations.</li> <li> Intellectual contributions to the body of knowledge in the theory, practice and teaching of business.</li>

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Master of Arts Degree in Economics

Campus Full time September 2017 USA Hayward

The Master of Arts Degree in Economics is an analytic degree that provides students with a flexible set of skills. Our program develops analytical skills by combining a strong foundation in theory with applied research [+]

In many respects the Economics Department at California State University, East Bay is unique. Department members span a broad range of ideological thinking and use a wide variety of methodologies. Students leave our Master's program with a panoramic view of economic problems and issues. In addition to the broad base of knowledge gained in our program, Masters students may add depth to their program and specialize in one specific field with an option or through independent study, research assistantships, and research or thesis projects. Students appreciate our evening program, which provides an opportunity to combine work and study.Both employers and educators appreciate the breadth and depth of economic knowledge and skills that our students take from the program. Employers applaud the extensive knowledge base and strong analytic skills of our graduates. Exposure to both the far reaching ideological perspectives and in depth research encourages life long learning that is valued in the work place. Former students have successfully continued their education in economics, business, and public policy analysis at top ranked universities. Many have attributed their success to the solid foundation in economics that they received at CSUEB.We are proud of our program, our students, and our Department. Please check out the possibilities of our programs offer.The Master of Arts Degree in Economics is an analytic degree that provides students with a flexible set of skills. Our program develops analytical skills by combining a strong foundation in theory with applied research. Students leave the program able to apply both theory and research skills to workplace and educational settings. Students demonstrate their skills through coursework, comprehensive examinations in theory, and a research project or thesis.We offer seven Options leading to a MA degree in Economics. Each option requires 45 units, the same required coursework (except the Option in Economics for Teachers), 2 comprehensive exams (except the Option in Economics for Teachers), and a terminal exercise. Full-time students pursuing the Option in General Economics (our general MA degree) can complete the program within one year and can complete the program only at night, if they desire. Students pursuing other options may need to take up to two year to complete their option and may need to take a course during the day. Students wishing to pursue more than one option must make sure their programs differ by more than 12 units, a requirement that generally necessitates taking more than 45 units.Masters of Arts in Economics with an:Option in General Economics Option in Comparative Economics Systems Option in International Economics Option in Labor Economics Option in Monetary Economic Systems Option in Public Sector Economics Option in Economics for Teachers Each student entering Fall 2003 or later is required to pick one of the options. While all options offer rigorous study in Economics as well as excellent employment prospects, each differs in emphasis, class requirements, and unit requirements. Students should check with the Graduate Advisor if they have questions about the option best suited to their needs. [-]