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Each semester the Biology Department graduate students host a seminar series where invited speakers from other institutions present the results of their research. Seminars are held on Monday at 11:10 am in Rm. 215 McCort-Ward. Pizza is served at 12:00 pm in Rm. 200 following the seminar. The event is sponsored by the Graduate Student Association.

Biology Club

The CUA Biology Club is an organization for all those interested in the life sciences. During the academic year, the Club organizes a combination of social and educational activities which provides many opportunities for students to interact with the faculty and with each other. The club sponsors lecture series addressing current issues and other topics of interest and provides members with opportunities to establish contacts with professionals in the life sciences. A sampling of recent Club activities includes Welcoming party at the beginning of the academic year; career talks; fall dinner; lecture series; premed-oriented programs; Christmas party; end-of-year barbecue, and; the Thanksgiving fundraiser for SOME (So Others May Eat).


The Center for Advanced Training in Cell and Molecular Biology, a unit of the Department of Biology at The Catholic University of America has been established in 1983 as an International Center to provide expert training for scientists, technicians, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Its focus is on the new and established biomedically-related concepts and technologies which provide the major impetus for contemporary research, innovative industrial applications, and sophisticated diagnostic laboratory techniques.

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The Catholic University of America, Department of Biology

The Catholic University of America offers a unique M.S. in Biotechnology Program that enables biotechnology internships not restricted to just commercial companies, maxim ... [+]

Why Get an M.S. in Biotechnology Degree?

The average salary of a Maryland bioscience employee is approximately $80,000. (Maryland Biotechnology Center, 2009)

The Milken Institute projects that biotechnology employment will grow by 1.6% annually through 2014, with many subsectors projected to experience even faster rates of growth. (Angelou Economics: Global Economic Development)

Biotechnology offers opportunities in five major subsectors:

Drugs and pharmaceuticals: Traditionally, chemistry has been the means by which new medicines have been isolated or synthesized. The rise of biotechnology, however, now promises pharmaceuticals that are created through biological processes found in living organisms. Future advances in medicine are relying more and more on the use of biotechnology and, as a result, the role of biotechnology in healthcare is rapidly expanding.... [-]

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