Arizona Western College


Arizona Western College offers educational, career, and lifelong learning opportunities through innovative partnerships which enhance the lives of people in Yuma and La Paz counties.

Arizona Western College, through its focus on an integrated enrollment management plan, has opened doors to diverse students on a local, national, and global level. Aggressive statewide marketing, coupled with computerized registration, financial aid, retention and articulation programs, has resulted in increased proportions of full-time students in the AWC/NAU partnership. The Arizona Western College/Northern Arizona University in Yuma International Student Partnership represents a student population drawn from over twenty nations world wide making the college a "multi-cultural" learning center.

Performance-based learning connections for men and women involved in athletics, government, music, drama, and leadership demonstrates that Arizona Western College exemplifies excellence in both team building participation and learning. Talent and education are combined to produce service oriented citizens that enhance the quality of life in southwest Arizona. Equal access for men and women in performance-based activities has opened more and more areas for national recognition and achievement for deserving Arizona Western students.

Arizona Western, because of the college's emphasis on community service and performance-based activities, is generating foundation support and access to external financial sources to provide improved facilities, scholarships and learning improvements. Arizona Western College and Northern Arizona University share common campus and delivery sites in a cost-effective manner to provide "seamless" associate-through-graduate degree programs. The Arizona Western College and Northern Arizona University partnership is nationally recognized as a model community college/university partnership. Through creative educational brokering, the AWC NAU/Yuma partnership provides accessible training and learning for Yuma and La Paz residents so that tax dollars and resources continue to enhance the well being of southwest Arizona.

This school offers programs in:
  • English