American Technology and Management University


The American Tech and Management University (ATMU) has a focus on distance and blended learning programs which brings the newest training methods to our target group. Our focus is mainly international.

ATMU conducts training at the B.B.A., MBA and DBA levels. The desire of ATMU is working on securing high quality education at affordable fees while providing international education with flexible, high quality degrees. We have a large external faculty with academic facilitators from all parts of the world. We try to secure the best possible setup for our international programs.

The global business environment has changed more in the last five years than over the previous 50. To progress and compete, you need a degree that is appropriate to the international skills you require.

ATMU offers all of these opportunities in highly developed module-based programs with options that can be customized. ATMU is dedicated to delivering high quality knowledge as well as state of the art skills, enabling today’s students to engage in business management issues with the needed theoretical level and self-confidence. The material is both theoretical and practical.

Our faculty is international with extensive industry-specific experience.

This school offers programs in:
  • English