Why London College Of International Business Studies?


Founded in the 1870s by Sir Isaac Pitman, we’ve been empowering business leaders for more than 140 years with the skills and entrepreneurial instincts necessary to grow today’s global economy.


Set against a backdrop of world-renowned landmarks, cosmopolitan city life and rich cultural history, we encourage learning in and out of the classroom.


Over the years, we have developed a reputation as a leader in higher education degrees, diplomas and certificates, and are renowned for the quality of leadership talent that we breed.


In addition to learning by doing, students are taught one module at a time, which allows them to not only grasp a subject, but become an authority on it.


Committed to the pursuit of academic excellence, our world-class lecturers feed our students intellectual curiosity with up-to-date theoretical learning, real-life case studies, field trips and more.


Our students are exposed to exciting global ideologies and diverse business practices, giving them a first-hand understanding of international business relations.


Our students are given the opportunity to network and collaborate with global participants who come from more than 130 cities across the globe.


We’re accredited by a number of internationally-recognised, independent organisations responsible for the monitoring of standards in UK universities and colleges.


Our alumni network is global and provides graduates with a space to connect, forge relationships and share information that will benefit their personal and professional development.



Our long-term vision, in concert with viable partnerships, is to become a leading international provider of quality higher education and executive training.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality education and training that will make a proactive difference to both the individual student’s life and their wider communities and national economies.


This set of values underpins the college operations:

1. Provided a fair assessment of candidate’s entry qualifications, with an appreciation of their ability to successfully complete the designated programme of study.

2. Provide a student-centred approach to learning and development

3. Create and support an environment where students are encouraged to develop their intellect and exploration of knowledge

4. Encourage students to learn and develop both individually and collaboratively

5. Promote diversity of education opportunity locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

6. Promote and engage in the sharing of good practice across both academic and vocational communities.

7. Develop and promote a curriculum that encourages students to be responsible citizens respecting diversity of cultures and fostering global citizenship.

8. Encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and developing through the continual exploration of knowledge and understanding.

9. Embed scholarship and research to inform learning, teaching and development.

10. Support diverse learning styles and approaches that provide an encouraging learning environment.

Looking back

An instinct for opportunity

Established against a backdrop of unprecedented economic growth, the Pitman Central College (PCC) was founded by visionary educator, Sir Isaac Pitman, in 1870 in response to a growing need for business-minded leaders.

Designed to bridge the skills gap, the College empowered generations of workers for more than 120 years with the skills and entrepreneurial instincts necessary to drive today’s powerful global economy.

In 1990, however, a new chapter began when the Pitman Central College was acquired by CRT plc who grew the business training college into what it is today – a globally respected institution of excellence that is proudly known as the London College of International Business Studies.

As we advance into the future, we’re excited by the opportunity to shape the thinking of a new generation of global business leaders.

Positioned for the future

LCIBS today

Today, over 140 years since our inception, the College has moved to larger premises in Canada Water, in the former dock offices of the Surrey Commercial Dock Manager’s Company to accommodate growing demand, while continuing to lead the way in business education with innovative courses designed for the global marketplace.


LCIBS is accredited by a number of internationally-recognised, independent organisations responsible for the monitoring of U.K. and global educational entities, including but not limited to:

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

The QAA focuses on academic standards, academic quality, management of learning opportunities and provision of information.

The Open University

The Open University offers validation on all of our BSc Programmes and leads to Open University Validated Awards for our students.

The British Accreditation Council

The BAC is the national accrediting body for independent further and higher education.

International students

Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept students from outside of the EU to study on our undergraduate degrees in London. This is because we are not a Tier 4 visa sponsor. This may change in time, so do keep up to date via our website: www.lcibs.co.uk

Programmes taught in:
London College of International Business Studies, Dock Managers Office, Surrey Quays Road
SE16 2XU London, England, United Kingdom