We think our name says a lot about us.

We have always aimed to satisfy the world’s hunger for information with quality content, unique insight and expert speakers.

Our customers now come to us for more than reliable data and informed opinion.

Increasingly we provide the connections that help them continue to grow. That’s why our division of Informa is now called KNect365.

  • KNect because we’re experts in connecting people to Knowledge and Networks

  • 365 because you can benefit from our services every single day

What we do

We have millions of professional and commercial customers. Our mission is to give them access to extraordinary people and exceptional insight.

We provide unique opportunities to learn, establish relationships and do business. We do this through a range of products and services, from digital communities to live events.

How we do business

  • Expertise
We depend on Expertise. We partner with industry leaders to bring our customers invaluable insight and information.
  • Ingenuity
We value Ingenuity. We always look for new ways to provide better service and more opportunities.
  • Commitment
We believe in Commitment. We focus on our customers and their needs. We aim to delight them by adding an inspired touch.
  • Chemistry

We trust in Chemistry. We use the right ingredients, a precise formula and hard-earned skills to produce perfect results every time.

Profitable partnerships

It’s amazing what can happen when you get the right people in the room.

Political agreements, technological breakthroughs, deals they said couldn’t be done. Some of the world’s most renowned thinkers regularly attend KNect365 events to explore the possibilities. And most Fortune 500 businesses have plugged into our networks at some point.

So tune in to one of our podcasts. Read our articles. Speak at a KNect365 conference or sponsor an event. Who knows where it might lead?

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