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London School of Theology

Master MA United Kingdom Greater London August 2018

The church needs Christians who have thought through the implications of their faith and can relate it incisively, relevantly and practically to society. The Theology programme is academically rigorous but also addresses the changing cultural and intellectual climate. It is a dynamic and innovative programme that does not neglect key foundational principles of an evangelical faith. Overview London School of Theology is the largest Evangelical theological college in Europe… [+] with a strong academic reputation. Its identity is defined by four core values – the Gospel, Bible, Church and World. As a Gospel people, we want our lives, thoughts and actions to be shaped by God’s love for us as proclaimed in the Gospel; As a Bible people, we believe the Bible to be God’s inspired, living, transformative and life-giving word and made known, personally, to humanity in his Son Jesus Christ; As a Church people, we want to be involved in building churches that are focused on the Gospel and the Bible in their life, worship and mission and fuelled by the power of God’s Spirit; and, As a World people, we seek to witness to those of other faiths and none, as followers of Christ, as well as stewarding and renewing our environment, society and geopolitical reality in the light of the Gospel. We want to be part of God’s work in renewing this world. These core values define who we are, what we aspire to be as an institution and the above-mentioned values are reinforced in our students through the courses we offer. The Theology programme lies at the centre of all our taught programmes and covers a wide range of subjects. It is dynamic, innovative and seeks to uphold the key foundational principles of the Evangelical faith. Why Study Theology at LST? The BA in Theology at LST is designed for people called with a view to serving churches, missions, schools and society at large. The programme is academically rigorous and enables you to gain a deeper understanding of Scripture and its relevance to the world around you. It addresses our changing cultural and intellectual climate and how the Christian faith relates incisively, relevantly and practically to society. Here at LST, you will also have the privilege of studying alongside and interacting with students and staff respectively from different backgrounds and denominations, which enriches the whole study experience. In addition, you will experience personal spiritual growth partly through the taught programmes and the extracurricular activities organised by the student body. Overall Structure of the Programme There are 4 broad areas of study namely, Biblical Studies, Historical and Theological Studies, Missiological Studies and Applied Theology. Compulsory modules form the heart of the programme and the large majority of Levels 1 and 2 (100 compulsory credits at Level 1 and 90 at Level 2). At Level 3, students are given greater freedom to specialise, choosing two 20-credit modules from a variety of options on offer in addition to the three compulsory modules, as well as a 40-credit project on a topic of their own choice. Each level has a compulsory module that includes practical experience and placements both during and after term-time. Careers in Theology In addition, the Training Unit offers support and guidance to students as they seek to discover and take their next steps towards leaving school, by coordinating all the career-related information that the school receives, in a variety of church and Christian settings. The unit also holds a range of helpful resources on careers in its Resource Room, as well as hosting various seminars and training events regarding CV-writing, interview skills, routes into ordained ministry etc. Overall, the programme provides excellent provision for future progression in a number of inter-related contexts such as preparation for further academic study in theology, biblical studies and related disciplines as well as equipping with skills applicable to local church ministry both within the UK and internationally. Theology, Music & Worship and Theology & Worship These two combined and integrated honours programmes are the only ones of their kind in Europe and were initially developed with the Music & Worship Foundation (MWF). As well as a substantial core programme of theological studies they offer a wide range of music and worship modules. Our established Theology, Music & Worship degree programme offered at Certificate, Diploma, and Degree level is specifically designed for musically gifted students interested in taking a combined and integrated study programme in theology, music and worship, who want to advance their music skills and understanding to a high level and at the same time wish to be theologically equipped. THEOLOGY & WORSHIP PROGRAMME This new Theology & Worship combined degree programme, offered at Certificate, Diploma and Degree level, has two pathways: The music pathway is designed for students who have obvious gifts in music but who come with limited experience in reading music or a confident grasp of general musicianship skills. The non-music pathway is designed for students who do not wish to take any music options but want to increase their understanding and practice of corporate worship through a range of dedicated and artistically creative modules. Students graduating from this course are equipped to serve, for example, as church music directors, worship pastors, songwriters, creative worship co-ordinators, freelance musicians and artists. DISTANCE LEARNING Would you like to develop your personal knowledge of the Bible, theology and spirituality? Or are you looking for a recognised qualification but can’t study on site at LST? We're delighted that you are thinking about learning more about God and the Bible. Whatever sort of study you're interested in, Open Learning has the experience and knowledge to help you. We have a long history of training Christians for ministry in the church and the world. And you can choose the type of learning and qualification that suits your short- or long-term needs. Some have completed formal qualifications, while many have studied for their own personal development. Personal Development We're especially well equipped to help people returning to study but not quite sure if it is really 'for them' and need to develop confidence in themselves. Most of those people want to make sure they could switch into a qualification later if that made sense, but for now they just want to learn more about the Bible and the God we meet through it. Our courses are ideally designed for this. You'll get information, encouragement and an open-ended learning structure that allows you to follow the path that is of most interest to you. [-]