About SSHE!

SSHE is a private university based in Switzerland – the heart of Europe’s luxury, finance and hospitality. University has a Swiss Labeled Accreditation EduQua and part of EFMD and ECBE organisations.

Our story began with a group of young and dynamic faculty members gathering together to establish a truly unique educational experience that prepares industry professionals as well as inspires students to apply knowledge and skills, gained during their experience in successful startups and in their achievement of career goals in world’s leading companies.

That’s how our story began. How will your story begin?


Mission, Vision, Values

SSHE Vision and Mission Statement

We strive to become one of the most relevant private international schools with Swiss quality business higher education through the development of competent future leaders and ready to start specialists. We do this through the delivery of a comprehensive and highly practical students’ experience based on:

  • entrepreneurial drive,
  • teamwork,
  • respect for all society stakeholders,
  • commitment to excellence,
  • a responsible attitude towards sustainable development goals.

SSHE Core Values

Entrepreneurial drive and proactivity

We develop people who take ownership of their ideas and run with them: they take responsibility to make things happen.

Teamwork and respect

We develop people who understand that their success is dependent on their ability to work with and respect others.

Commitment to excellence

We develop people who have a passion to succeed and strive for excellence in anything they do.


We develop people who have a profound sense of responsibility and humanity to mesh business and society.

Student education-centric

We develop people who are open to an inspiring, committed and responsible approach towards a great experience for all school’s stakeholders.

SSHE Behavioural Competencies

Open to change and to create opportunities

Adapt to circumstances; challenge status-quo; generate new ideas.

Work together and share knowledge and information

Share knowledge and information; respect and value input of others; cooperate; build talented teams; fight for ideas not with people.

Get it done

Engage towards excellence; deliver results through decisive, accurate, quality and timely results.

Act Responsibly

Adhere and advertise school core values; foster trust, respect, and solidarity between all world stakeholders (People, Planet, Profit).

Be honest

Tell it like it is; have the courage, to be honest with yourself and your colleagues; recognize your mistakes; call for help when needed.

Admissions Process and Requirements

1) Send the application form

2) Receive feedback from the SSHE staff

3) Send additional required documents (previous diplomas and CV, if applicable)

4) Receive the confirmation of enrollment

We will contact you as soon as you have sent us the filled in application and the required documents.

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Reach out to us! You can do so through the form here, or directly via email: info@sshe.ch

Programmes taught in:
  • English

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Master of Arts in International Relations

The program of Master of Arts in International Relations allows the student to acquire knowledge and skills in the most relevant matters related to international diplomacy, politics, and economics in order to communicate and cooperate in the most efficient manner with international interlocutors let it be in governmental and non-governmental organizations but also in business as the case may be.

The Master of Arts in International Relations suits those students who seek to pursue a career with an international focus, specifically in diplomacy and foreign policy, although fundamentals of international relations in global business will also be covered in terms international leadership and management, business and project management as well as cross-cultural communication and negotiating skills. In addition, a full course is devoted to EDRS (Ethics, Diversity, Responsibility, Sustainability). So fatter completion of the program, students will be able to join international organizations, become part of diplomatic services and/or work in the private sector.... [-]

Switzerland Montreux
October 2019
Full time
3 semesters
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