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The St Clements Education Group was founded in 1995 when St Clements University was registered in the Turk and Caicos Islands as a university company offering non-traditional degree programs.

Due to different local requirements it became obvious that in order to gain local Ministry of Higher Education approval and accreditation a single global university company would not be suitable.

In 2005 a policy was started, to where practical establish local autonomous degree granting schools which could fulfill local Ministry of Higher Education approval and accreditation.

Mission Statement of St Clements Education Group

As far as practical education should be made easily accessible to the people through classroom campuses, satellite campuses, open learning and hybrid learning rather than forcing the students to leave their local community in order to obtain knowledge not available locally.

Learning should be a lifelong experience and that higher education should be available to all who qualify, and not just school leavers.

An important part of the St Clements Education Group's philosophy flowing from its mission statement, is that it endeavors to take education to the people where there is need for it. This has led it opening schools in some very difficult parts of the world.

Our pragmatic approach to experiential business education, with an emphasis on the case-study method, is proven to effectively prepare students for leadership positions in the modern business world.

In 2015, SCPSU - Business School was formed as a division of Université Suisse Privée St Cléments to develop degree programs which will integrate into UK and other Commonwealth countries higher education systems.

It currently offers Associate Degrees (OFQUAL Level 4 and 5), Bachelor Degrees (OFQUAL Level 4,5 and 6), Post Graduate Diploma (OFQUAL Level 7) and Masters Degrees.

These programs are designed to offer the maximum flexibility to students and to enable students to continue their studies with a range of UK universities if they wish to obtain a degree from a UK University at a substantial cost reduction compared to studying the entire program in the UK. The dual OFQUAL accredited ATHE and SCPSU Business School awards are a very good value way of studying a UK degree when the typical cost of studying a bachelors degree at most UK Universities vary between GBP £6,000 to £9,000 per year.

Most UK universities will accept the 240 credits offered by the SCPSU Business School Associate Degree in Business Management (OFQUAL Level 4/5) for top up onto the final year of an Undergraduate Degree. Similarly most Universities will accept 120 credits offered by the SCPSU Business School Post Graduate Degree in Management (OFQUAL Level 7) as advanced entry onto an MBA top up.

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Master of Management / Master of Business Administration

Campus Full time February 2017 Switzerland Lausanne

Dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Management Program based on the content of 13 MOOC courses. Students will work through 5 core MOOC courses at their own pace, and then select 5 specialisation subjects to complete the program. [+]

Dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Management Program based on the content of 13 MOOC courses. Students will work through 5 core MOOC courses at their own pace, and then select 5 specialisation subjects to complete the program. Students will submit an additional applied thesis in order for the MOOC knowledge to be given the appropriate academic credit towards the programs. Subjects are assessed through take-home work-based assignments, and open-book practical examinations. In addition, a final the applied thesis allows you to address a problem you have always wanted to address at work– so you and your business gain an immediate return on investment. The program emphasises practicalities and skills to address real work issues in a contemporary business settings. SCPSU Business School issues the Master of Management degree which is recognised by a number of European industry based professional bodies to fulfil their senior membership requirements. SCPSU Business School has agreements with 3 Universities listed in the World Higher Education Database that are accredited by the Ministry of Education or Commission for Higher Education in their respective countries to monitor the teaching and co-asses the work and issue their MBA to successful graduates for this work. What is a Dual Degree Program ? Students enrolling in a dual degree program study for two degrees at the same time. Once they fulfil the requirements of the two programs, they graduate with both. By enrolling in a dual program, a student completes two degrees in a much shorter time than it would take if they completed one degree and then studied for the second degree. A dual program gives students the flexibility to study several areas of interest at once and to broaden career possibilities beyond graduation. Course Structure  
Get qualified before you graduate.  

After just your third subject you will qualify for a Graduate Certificate in Management and after your sixth subject you can earn a Graduate Diploma in Management. This is very useful if you are applying for a job half way through the Dual Degree, putting a tender in, or just want some recognition as you progress through your Master of Management journey. Specialisations and Subjects  
You will begin with five core subjects that cover the key areas of business including Business Fundamentals, Marketing, Accounting, Strategic Management and Corporate Governance. Then you take control and choose your area of specialisation. There are a number of innovative specialisations that you might like to consider. Core Subjects 
Business Fundamentals 
 Strategic Management 
Corporate Governance 

Business Information Systems 
 Human Resource Management 
 Project Management COST 
The overall cost of tuition and assessment for this dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Management qualification is $ 9,500 US Institute of Professional Financial Managers (UK)  recognises graduates of this program for Fellow membership grade. Human Resource Management Institute (UK and USA) recognises graduates of this program for Full Membership grade. Academy of Executives and Administrators (UK)  recognises this program for Fellow membership grade. The Institute of Management Specialists (UK)  recognises this program for Fellow membership grade and Specialised Business Manager designation. [-]