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The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos founded in 1996 has more than 46,000 students and about 2,250 professors. In it, you will find quality training, through a wide and excellent academic offer . Studying at King Juan Carlos means entering an ideal learning environment that will help you achieve your goals, both personal and professional, in the most exciting future.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos has a highly qualified teaching staff in various areas of knowledge, involved in teaching, research, innovation and dissemination. It has current facilities and equipment, so that the student receives a quality and highly specialized training, essential to access the labor market.

Employability, innovation and internationalization are three of the pillars promoted by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos , and proof of this is that it has been considered in these three points as a 5-star University in 2019, according to the QS Starts Ranking System .

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos has an employment exchange with 740 companies that favors the employability of graduates. In addition, more than 13,500 collaboration agreements have been signed with companies and entities to carry out external practices that help the student's professional development. The number of students developing internships abroad has increased almost 20%.



Paseo Artilleros s/n
28032 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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