An innovative institution

The UPV is a public, dynamic and innovative institution that is dedicated to researching and teaching. The UPV maintains strong bonds with its social environment and a strong presence abroad.

Our vocation as a service results from our commitment to society. We provide our students with the knowledge they need to be able to work as graduates in their professional field, and we offer them an all-round education where they acquire technological skills, as well as a humanistic and cultural education.

We train people, we train professionals

We train people and we train professionals because we believe it is our duty to give our students not only knowledge but also experience. By so doing we believe that we are helping them to become free, responsible people who are aware of social problems, are capable of taking on commitments and have prospects for the future.

The teaching and administrative staff engaged by the UPV work to offer our students the high-quality education they need.


To provide its students with an integral education through the creation, development, transfer and critical reflection on science, art and culture, whilst being respectful of ethical principles. An education decidedly leading towards aiding our students in finding an appropriate job in accordance with their studies.

To contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the Spanish society in general, and to the Valencian society in particular, through scientific, technical and artistic support.

To develop an institutional model characterized by its values of excellence, internationalization, solidarity and efficiency; an open institution which promotes the participation of institutions, companies and professionals in every aspect of university life.


UPV is a University that attracts the best students and trains professionals with a recognised, prestigious level of excellence which is highly valued by local and international employers.

The relevance of UPV's research outputs underpins the strong international presence of the institution, which has close collaborative links with the best universities in the world.

UPV is an efficient public institution at the service of society, with a strong social and environmental commitment.

UPV is an innovative University at the service of society and its progress. An outstanding institution in research and in training professionals.


UPV is an innovative and entrepreneurial University, with effective mechanisms for the dissemination of scientific and technological results, and which excels in the training of researchers and in the creation of technology-based companies.

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Universitat Politecnica de Valencia - UPV Photography

In consonance with current developments in professional and creative photography, the university is fully committed to the education of future professionals in both field ... [+]

Master in Photography, Art, and Technique

Open Registration

In Spain, training in the field of photography continues to have little presence in the official curriculum/studies.

With regard to vocational studies, art schools have adopted this training, but with regards to photography studies for artistic creation are nonexistent both historically and theoretically-practically level.

In line with current developments in professional photography and the role assumed by the artwork with a photographic medium in contemporary art, the Polytechnic University of Valencia made the decision in 2004 to engage in the future professionals’ training of both fields, creating the Master in Photography, Art, and Technique.... [-]

Spain Valencia
Open Enrolment
Full time
4 semesters
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Máster en Fotografía - Formación a lo largo de la vida

Gabino Diego coleccionista de fotografía visita el Máster en Fotografía de la UPV