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The Value of Humanism

Its objective is to contribute to the continuous growth of professional and personal excellence through training. The concept of professional success of the UFV has to do with believing that being very competent in a profession can not and should not be separated from personal excellence to build a more humane society.

For the UFV, the postgraduate team, the consultants, clients, teachers, students, suppliers, etc., are part of the same community. The richness of this community lies in its plurality:

  • Recognize the uniqueness, dignity and uniqueness of all its members.
  • It aspires to generate a space in which to put on the table trends, studies and research, good practices, deep differences, etc., for the personal and professional enrichment of all from the legitimate search.

Their highest aspiration is to help bring out the best version of their community by promoting questions such as: What kind of professional and person do I want to be in my life? Why do I do what I do? Where do I want to lead my professional career? What do I understand by success? How do I contribute to society? What are my values and how do I transfer them to my daily activity? In short, all this reflects the aspiration to do something to change things in a society in need of change. The UFV proposes to its students to be the protagonists of the transformation of the world, beginning with the individual transformation.

In the area of Postgraduate and Consultancy of the UFV, work is being done to change society by valuing competences and attitudes. In this context, ethics is understood as a way of life, from which solidarity and social justice are very important for transformation.

Why Study at the UFV

The objective of the Universidad Francisco De Vitoria is to contribute to the continuous growth of the personal and professional excellence of its students. The main challenge of their teaching model is the training of professionals focused on the person and with a vocation to transform themselves to become protagonists of the change of society.

  • The Universidad Francisco De Vitoria places the focus on a training conceived around the ethical and deontological values, contributing to enhance the students' desire to be a better professional and a better person.
  • It has a high level cloister in all academic content, offering at all times a practical and experiential training of professional reality.
  • The realization of real practical cases and the development of a model of knowledge transfer to the personal, business and institutional reality, allow your students to be clear about the values that permeate their profession and the sense of work they will perform.
  • The contents focused on the analysis of daily practice encourage the search for solutions through debate and the creation of spaces in which to share trends, research and good practices. All this for the personal and professional enrichment of the university community: students, professors, researchers and professionals.


One of the objectives pursued by the UFV through postgraduate training is to help students build their careers and facilitate the implementation, outside the classroom, of the knowledge acquired during their postgraduate training. For this, the Postgraduate and Consulting Area works on different fronts:

  • He is responsible for the search and management practices of students in companies and entities collaborating with the University.
  • Give a personalized service to the student so that he can make the best choice of practices according to his profile and interests.
  • It is constantly searching and signing agreements with leading institutions in each training area, in order to offer students the best options.
  • The programs incorporate the necessary training to successfully overcome objectives such as preparing a CV, preparing an interview, finding a job ...
  • In the Employment Exchange service, the former student is offered a personalized service of orientation and advice on the professional career and offers of employment are published daily.
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