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The Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir" is dedicated to the cause of truth through service to the dignity of the person and the cause of the Church. The work developed in this University is based on the intimate conviction that knowledge and reason are faithful servants of the faith.

Born from the heart of the Valentinian Church, the Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir" is revealed as an incomparable center of creativity and irradiation of knowledge for the good of society. Fruit of the university work carried out during more than fifty years by the University School of Nursing "Ntra. Mrs. de los Desamparados ", more than thirty by the Edetania Foundation and more than ten by the School of Business Studies, the Catholic University seeks, at the same time, a demanding quality of university life: the joint work between faith and reason , the strengthening of an authentic university community in a climate of academic friendship, and the purpose of creating and maintaining a uniquely personalized educational relationship with the university students.

Complete education

The Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir" considers the teacher as a teacher, where knowledge is not transmitted as if it were an object of use and consumption, but first of all establishes a sapiential relationship that becomes a word rather than a transmission of notions. Instruction, education and training are the axes that make up our teaching.

The teacher instructs, giving a fundamental contribution to the structuring of the personality; educates, helping to discover and activate the abilities and gifts of each one and form, according to humanistic comprehension, beyond a professional competence framed in a solid construction and in a transparent correlation of meanings of life.

The Catholic University approaches the education of university students in the search for a rich and complete education. Its priority objective is that they acquire a humanistic and scientific education as befits some studies of great impact in the future of our society. It also seeks the integration of knowledge in the Catholic tradition itself.

A personalized and tutored follow-up is made of the students, observing an individualized education, training them with scientific rigor, through specialized teaching staff, and offering them at all times the necessary support of the Psychopedagogical Care and Counseling Service.

Each university student receives an individualized follow-up. Not only in what affects the exclusively academic field, but in its complete formation. The student is accompanied during his / her time at the University so that, in addition to acquiring knowledge and technical skills specific to their studies, they grow and mature as a person and as a professional.

The university spirit leads us to highly value the life of the intelligence, to passionately seek the truth, to respect the untouchable dignity of the people and to put the common good of society before the individual interests of the individual

Saint Vincent Martyr

The Catholic University of Valencia "entrusts this university project to the Protomartyr of the Church in Valencia and places it in their hands so that the Lord may obtain the blessing, the wisdom and the necessary means to carry it out according to his plan" (Art. 2. Decree of Erection).

Immaculate conception

The Catholic University was erected on the day of the Immaculate. For this reason, this festival is solemnly celebrated at the University and "the entire educational community is invited to always manifest particular devotion and appreciation to the Virgin Mary." (Art. 5. Decree of Erection).


The Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir" , fruit of the university work carried out for more than thirty years by the Edetania Grouping Foundation, was erected by the Eminentísimo and Most Reverend Mr. Cardinal D. Agustín García Gasco, Archbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of Valencia († 2011), on December 8, 2003, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Valencia.

In the decree of erection, the prelate recognized the concern of the Church in Valencia over the centuries to provide the Christian community and Valencian society with institutions that allowed to create, promote and revitalize university culture. Thus, the Church was protagonist in the birth, five centuries ago, of the University of Valencia, and of many other university institutions.

Mons. José María García Lahiguera († 1989), archbishop of Valencia, with the cooperation of some religious institutions, created the University School of Teacher Training Edetania on November 3, 1969 and constituted the Fundación Agrupación Edetania, in January 1974. A few years later, in 1979, the then Archbishop of Valencia Mons. Miguel Roca Cabanellas († 1992) and the Rector of the University of Valencia signed the Edetania secondment agreement with the University of Valencia, valid until 2004. During these years, thousands of teachers have been trained in the Edetania classrooms who teach their knowledge in the schools of the Valencian Community.

In 1999 the modification of the Statutes of the Foundation was approved to adapt them to the growth experienced by Edetania, and thus enable the expansion of the educational offer. The Foundation signed an agreement with the Miguel Hernández University of Elche in October 2002 , which included university degrees in Psychology, Psychopedagogy, Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Social and Cultural Anthropology and Marine Sciences, which were integrated in the Faculty of Humanities and Education Edetania.

With the erection of the Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir" the university degrees were reordered in four faculties well defined by the objects: formal and non-formal education (Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences); personalized attention to behavioral problems (Faculty of Psychology and Health Sciences); the analysis of culture and society (Faculty of Sociology and Human Sciences); and the sciences of the sea (Faculty of Experimental Sciences).

On February 4, 2005 , the Consell approved the integration of the University Nursing School "Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados" and the School of Business Studies. In this way the Catholic University was ordered in five faculties and a university school.

On March 13, 2007 , the Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana approved the creation of the Faculty of Medicine at the Catholic University of Valencia. In this faculty the studies of Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy and Podiatry were framed.

On September 18, 2009 , the Consell approved the creation of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences and the implementation of the university education leading to the obtaining of the official titles of Degree in Biotechnology, Law and Philosophy.

At present, the Catholic University of Valencia has 10 faculties that frame 24 official Bachelor's degrees.



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