Somos una escuela de negocios especializada en el sector digital. Nuestros itinerarios formativos tienen lugar en Barceloa, Madrid y las Islas Canarias. Nuestra oferta educativa se caracteriza por la especilización en el área del negocio digital y por estar adapatada a los perfiles de los estudiantes: profesionales, gerentes y empresas.

Nuestra misión

Queremos acelerar el desarrollo de la red digital de talento y conocimiento, y hacer a nuestros estudiantes protagnistas de este cambio. Dirigimos la transformación digital de profesionales y empresas a través de formación, servicios de empleo y fomento del emprendimiento digital.

Nuestra metodología

Con una metodología práctica, nuestra formación es impartida por un claustro de profesores profesionales del sector, que trasladan su experiencia en conocimientos para el alumno, a través de programas que se actualizan de manera constante.

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Executive courses

The Valley Digital Business School

The MDB + trains professionals in all areas of digital business and ensures the acquisition of knowledge and skills needed to work in the digital sector. A large faculty ... [+]

Master in Digital Business

In Spain, 88.3% of the population is connected to the Internet and six million people are permanent digital communicators.

The Seventh Annual Study of Mobile Marketing IAB, places us as the first country in the European Union in penetration of smartphone, as it is the main device to access the Internet, 85%, leaving computers secondly, with 67%, and tablets in third with 45%.

The digital world has, every day, more weight in the results of companies, which have to modify internal processes to adapt to the new socially connected consumer, rapid technological change and new legal regulations.

In this context, the MDB + The Valley Digital Business School, directed by Juan Luis Moreno, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer at The Valley Digital Business School launches its next edition with the aim of preparing professionals companies to understand and address most relevant aspects of digital transformation and innovation applied to the field of business. ... [-]

Spain Barcelona
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Part time
10 months
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The Valley Digital Business School

The EPDM + prepares marketing and communication professionals with an in-depth understanding of all the necessary disciplines as well as providing them with a knowledge o ... [+]

Executive Program in Digital Marketing

The EPDM + prepares marketing and communication professionals with an in-depth understanding of all the necessary disciplines as well as providing them with a knowledge of all the key tools for the planning, execution, and budgeting of a global marketing plan in an increasingly digital market environment. To achieve this it has an extensive faculty consisting of expert teachers in each subject who accompany the student in an eminently practical learning experience.

Average age: 35 years Duration: 150 hours Next call: February Thursdays from 19.00 to 22.00 and Fridays from 16.00 to 21.00 Why study the EPDM+? Methodology: “Learning by doing”, a program designed and owned by The Valley, with more than 50 hours teaching in workshops, workshops with tools, and a review of successful case studies of companies in the sector. Real cases explained by professionals in the sector. The only marketing program in which students carry out digital marketing campaign practices with real investment. End of Program Project executed in small groups (maximum 5 students) in which students design and carry out a real marketing and digital communication strategy. ... [-]
Spain Barcelona
February 2020
Part time
150 hours
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