School of Continuing Education – Universitat de Barcelona


The Continuing Education Institute of the Universitat de Barcelona is now a School of Continuing Education - Universitat de Barcelona. The renewal of the brand and its logo is part of the process of modernizing the graphic image of all entities that make up the UB Group. The evolution symbolizes the international vocation that the institution has and confirms its commitment to continue being a strategic ally of professionals and companies for the development of talent and knowledge management.

Living in Barcelona

Located in northeastern Spain, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the first economic zone of Spain. The population of the city is superior to the million and a half of inhabitants, whereas the number of inhabitants in all Catalonia is of more than 7 million people. Due to its location on the shores of the Mediterranean, Barcelona enjoys a warm and welcoming climate, with pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Today, Barcelona is a modern, cosmopolitan city of great dynamism. It is a comfortable city, tailor made for people and for people. The School of Continuing Education - Universitat de Barcelona is located at 22 @ Barcelona, an innovative productive district that offers modern spaces for the strategic concentration of knowledge intensive activities. It is where a new model of compact city has been created, in which the most innovative companies coexist with universities, research centers, training and technology transfer, as well as housing, equipment and green areas.

The languages of Barcelona

The two official languages spoken both in Barcelona and in the rest of Catalonia are Catalan and Spanish. The two languages are equally understood by the inhabitants of Barcelona. With regard to teaching, the two official languages can be used, each program defines the language to be used, Catalan or Spanish, depending on the characteristics of the program itself and the target audience. It is the norm of the UB that teachers and students have the right to choose the language in which they wish to express.

Everything you need to know when you come to study in Barcelona

The Barcelona Center Universitari (BCU) provides resources and information to people who come to Barcelona to attend educational activities, such as a student accommodation bag and teaching staff and foreign researchers. It puts at your disposal material to promote the offer of training, graduate and postgraduate, as well as related to research activities. It manages activities aimed at the cultural and citizen integration of students and teaching staff and foreign researchers, residing in Barcelona and its metropolitan area.



School of Continuing Education – Universitat de Barcelona

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