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A non-profit institution, with history and prestige.

The RCU Escorial-Mª Cristina was founded by the Regent Queen María Cristina de Hasburgo y Lorena, in 1892, run by the Augustinian religious order since its foundation. It is an Upper Educational Center associated with the Complutense University of Madrid.

We teach the official degree programmes of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor in Business Administration, Master in Law and a private Degree in Chiropractic.

The Escorial – María Cristina Royal University Center is located in an extraordinary setting and in fabulous surroundings. The University Campus forms a part of the astonishing monumental architectonic complex of the Royal Monastery of El Escorial founded by King Phillip II in the 16th century. This all provides a particularly beneficial atmosphere for studying and inter/personal relationships.

The buildings are true gems of architecture, with completely modernized facilities: Student Residence, Library, sports area, lecture halls equipped with projection facilities, computing rooms, etc.

Overall training of individuals is the primary goal of the educational programme offered by the Escorial – María Cristina Royal University Center, through the development of their cognitive, physical, socio-cultural potential that takes them to the limits of their possible knowledge. We stimulate creativity and scientific research through academic education, the conveying of knowledge and culture.

The Center management oversees quality and educational excellence, in an ongoing and fluent dialogue between lecturers and students, far removed from sterile bureaucratic formal education.

The Lecturing Staff, largely drawn from the Complutense University of Madrid and the business world, is personally and professionally involved in the training and educational activities of their fields.

You are the focus of interest and the target of our full institutional academic work. For this reason, every student has a tutor/lecturer who guides and accompanies him in his professional and academic training.

‘Walk with me if you hold the same truths. Examine with me if you hold the same doubts. Where you recognize your mistake, come with me. Where you recognize mine, take me with you ‘ (St. Augustine).

From the context of this incomparable architectonic setting, a symbol of universality and brotherhood, we ask that our students / in addition to being proficient professionals become men and women with civic values, sensitive and committed to the development and respectful of human dignity.

We open our doors to everyone, without making any distinction for race, creed or position, facilitating a reciprocal form of training and information with other university centers.

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Executive courses

Royal University Center Maria Cristina

The Master in Access to the Profession of Lawyer addresses those students who have obtained the degree of Law Degree (and Graduates) and wish to acquire the skills and co ... [+]

Characteristics of the degree

Academic year in which it was implemented: 2014/15

Type of teaching: On-site

Number of new places offered: 30

Minimum number of ECTS per enrollment and teaching period

First yearFull Time: 60 ECTSPart time: 42 ECTSRest of yearsFull Time: 30 ECTSPart time: 30 ECTSgoals

The acquisition of the professional title of lawyer has two phases. The first consists in obtaining professional training, and the second in the accreditation of professional training. The obtaining of professional training is achieved through a "regulated and official" training (article 2.2 Law 34/2006). When this is taught in a University, and since it is a postgraduate education, it can only be configured as a University Master's degree, in accordance with the provisions of article 8 of RD1393 / 2007, of October 29, which establishes the Organization of official university education. This is also evidenced by art. 4.1 a) of Royal Decree 775/2011, of June 3, approving the Regulation of Law 34/2006, of October 30, on access to the professions of Lawyer and Attorney of the Courts. The accreditation of the professional capacity is carried out through an aptitude assessment summoned annually by the Ministries of Justice and Education, unique and identical for the entire national territory and composed of an objective test of multiple answers and by the resolution of a practical case (Article 17.3 RD 775/2011).... [-]

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