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20 years training people and professionals

International studies for professions without borders

L'Idem Barcelona

L'Idem Creative Arts School trains future professionals in animation and graphic design for their successful and immediate incorporation into the world of work. The key to our success is knowing that training professionals is, at the same time, training people.

With a campus in Perpignan, which has been a benchmark in France for 20 years, our school is an international creative platform for talent that is committed to a multidisciplinary and competitive academic formula:

  • We have a 100% professional pedagogical team recognized worldwide
  • A solid artistic and technical training
  • Real reproduction of the work environment and practices in a wide network of more than 1,000 companies around the world.
  • An individualized follow-up of each student
  • Recognized double degree, French and European

An international and multicultural pedagogical concept

The pedagogical concept that is based on the reality of the double campus:

  • English and French classes to facilitate communication and exchange.
  • The teaching teams of both campuses work in permanent coordination: the contents and diplomas are identical to allow our students to do all or part of their studies in Spain or France.

Close relationship with professionals and the world of industry

L'idem Creative Arts School has an international pedagogical team of active professionals, who accompany and guide young people in the learning of technical skills, the development of their artistic abilities and the development of the best professional skills.

  • Master classes, workshops and conferences with experts in animation and graphic design.
  • More than 1,000 companies have welcomed our students and collaborate in the definition of content, which facilitates the future employment of students.
  • The positive comments of the companies, which welcome practices and hire our students, allow us to verify, constantly, that the pedagogical tools implemented are adequate and efficient.

L'idem grants recognized French and European higher degrees

Concepteur at Communication Visuelle

Niveau II enrolled at RNCP-Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles.

Code NSF 320t enregistre par l'arrêté publli au journal officiel du 17/03/2016.

Concepteur et Réalisateur Numérique d'Animation 2D-3D

Niveau II enrolled at RNCP-Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles.

Code NSF 320v enregistre par l'arrêté publli au au officiel officiel du 11/07/2018.

International Bachelor in Graphic Design

Commission de labellisation numéro B-11-20 of 12 septembre 2011

International Bachelor in 2D-3D Animation

Commission de labellisation numéro B-11-20 of 12 septembre 2011

L'IDEM applies the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which facilitates equivalence between international study programs and validates European academic recognition of the years of study (60 credits per course). In this way, any student can consider continuing their studies in Europe.

L'Idem is the platform for future talent and commitment to an innovative and competitive academic formula:

  • 20 years of experience
  • Double French and European degree
  • 100% professional pedagogical team
  • Solid artistic and technical training
  • Real work environment
  • Language teaching with industry-specific vocabulary
  • Exchanges between the students of Barcelona and France
  • Attendance at international festivals and fairs
  • Scholarships arranged with collaborating companies
  • Network of more than 1000 companies from around the world to do internships
  • Annual meetings between important European animation studios and our students
  • Networkings organized by the school



C/ Ciutat de Granada, 53-57 Barcelona Districte 22 @ Barcelona
08005 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain