Innopro is an innovation consultancy. We are a group of experts in strategy, territorial and business innovation and entrepreneurship. Our know-how on innovation and business development is based on the expertise of our team of professionals specialized in the design and implementation of strategies for organizations.


Innopro’s mission is to promote competitiveness and economic growth by offering innovative consulting services, projects on innovative territories and to foster new innovative companies.


Innopro Consulting wants to be a benchmark for the efficient promotion of innovation within our socioeconomic environment.


  • To Promote the competitiveness of our customers
  • Promote economic growth in our area
  • Enjoy the trust of our customers
  • To Work with professionalism and loyalty
  • Build executive projects with real impact on our clients' bottom line
  • Ensure the quality of the services offered
  • Build a core of expertise and excellence in innovation in Catalonia.


Innopro’s background collects the professional experience of their partners and professionals in the leadership of innovative and high impact projects in Catalonia such as the Catalan Institute of Technology and 22 @ Barcelona.



Ronda Universitat 33 1-1 B
08007 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain