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All graduate programs offered are adapted to market requirements both public National Health System private and train our students for the practical application of the latest advances in different specialties, training of professionals with a high level of qualification the various technical and managerial positions offered by companies and institutions, complementing the teaching areas with comprehensive and personalized preparation for job search and career development.

Center dedicated exclusively to graduate training of professionals who strive for excellence. Wide range of programs designed to meet the professional and the current and future market demands. Methodology adapted to the needs of professionals where each personal situation is unlike any other. A faculty of the highest scientific-technical and confirmed prestige with proven teaching experience level. The high degree of quality and demand in the given programs, along with the eminently practical guidance programs, the majority have earned recognition of the respective sectors, being endorsed the prestige of the European School of Health by the students of previous promotions , who joined the leading companies in the industry. A book material in pdf format and next to a laptop or Ipad mini choice. An education system based on continuous assessment of the student by tutors with a high degree of specialization. Guarantee publication of the work to master, after publishing contract according to the Copyright Act and adjusted to the scientific method and Standards Vancouver. With this, the author / s will have a book with ISBN Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports for RCA Group Editor or in magazine format ISSN.

INSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS European School of Health has the support and collaboration of various institutions, professional associations and corporations, integrated into its Academic Council, ensure the quality of education provided and collaborate in conducting various courses offered.

PREPARING FOR JOB SEARCH Students from European School of Health received, from the area of ​​personal marketing that is taught in all graduate programs, a solid and comprehensive training to meet the increasingly more complex processes recruiters who follow the companies and institutions national and international. Staff and management development. Within the educational philosophy of European School of Health occupies a prominent place addressing training from a holistic point of view, working enhancing the managerial skills of students to contemplate them as professionals, taking special interest areas as significant as negotiation, communication skills, etc.



Centro Empresarial El Coloso
28013 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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