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ESODE Business School

The ESODE Business School offers the advantages of specialized master’s degrees in the event industry, while providing the personalized attention students would expect from a more intimate program.

Our programs are specifically designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to go forward with your long term career goals and aspirations. We offer both Masters and Expert programs, all of which have a practical and engaging focus, with activities taking place both inside and outside the classroom.

  • MOIE — Master in Integral Organization of Events
  • MIDE — International Master in Event Management
  • MICE — Master in Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions
  • EDCV — Expert in Design and Creation of Videogames
  • EDPE — Expert in Design and Production of Shows
  • EOED — Expert in Organization of Sport Events

The ESODE Masters and Expert programs will boost your career and give you the opportunity to study with a diverse cohort in the heart of Spain; MADRID. Our programs are being held in Spanish, giving you a unique opportunity to combine your Master/Expert program with deeper knowledge in the 2nd most widely spoken language in the world.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish (Spain)

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International Master In Event Management (measures)

Campus or Online Full time Part time 7 - 10  October 2017 Spain Madrid Spain Online + 2 more

Thanks to Master in International Events (MEAS) you can be part of an exciting sector such as events. [+]

Program Presentation This master will provide the tools to learn to manage the management, monitoring and control of an event. Thanks to Master in International Events (MEAS) you will acquire the necessary skills to manage an event from start to finish. GOALS The International Master in Event MEASUREDPursues the following objectives: Provide knowledge, skills and techniques to train professionals who can manage, organize and manage all kinds of events, and thus become a real event organizer. Develop the skills and professional skills to lead and direct the management and organization of events. Provide a detailed knowledge of the wide typology of events, as well as the latest trends and industry practices. Addressed to Graduates, graduates and university graduates who wish to specialize in management and event management of any kind. Entrepreneurs, managers or area managers currently developing exclusive or partially his career organizing and coordinating meetings, conferences, and any kind of events. Persons interested in obtaining quality training in leadership, management and organization of events. Agenda modules STAGE 1 - PLANNING EVENT Management techniques and comprehensive event planning Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing communication tools and events The protocol and its application to the organization of events Locations and Spaces PHASE 2 - EVENT DESIGN Creative design Conceptual design events management skills New technologies applied to events PHASE 3 - EVENT PRODUCTION Production process Implementation. The day D" The post-event. Measurement and performance management Modality ONLINE: It will last for 7 months. practices ESODE offers the possibility to students the opportunity... [-]

Master In Organization Of Events (madrid)

Campus Full time Part time November 2017 Spain Madrid

Dominates all aspects of the comprehensive organization of an event: its conception, evaluation, strategy, implementation, production, execution, budget optimization, logistics, post-production and project closure. [+]

guaranteed and paid internships This program trains students to master all aspects of the comprehensive organization of an event, from conception to evaluation, through the strategy, implementation, production, execution, budget, optimization, logistics , post-production and project closure. OBJECTIVES ANALYZE the strategic importance of live communication within organizations as a way of positioning and relationship with their audience. Provide expertise to manage an event, such as corporate image, media relations, advertising, online communication, PR, among others. To provide students with the tools needed to design a communication plan applied to the integral organization of an event skills. Develop new techniques and tools applied to the organization of events. ADDRESSED TO Students with a university degree or work experience who wish to complete their education and enhance their professional career. recent graduates, graduates and graduate students seeking a career specialization added. Professionals in the marketing, communication, advertising, PR and tourism sector that require specific date knowledge and training in organizing events. * When a degree is not required to certify they have three years of work experience. MODULES AGENDA 1. Events: types, structure, market 2. CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility 3. The business organization in April. Marketing events in May. 6 communication events. Personal skills 7. New technologies applied to the event in August. The event as an instrument of corporate image in September. Creativity in Events 10. 11 business and official protocol. Coaching in the organization, ethics and deontology. 12 Event Management Tools 13. Designing, production and realization of events METHODOLOGY... [-]

Masters In Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Events, Mice

Campus or Online Full time Part time Open Enrolment Spain Madrid

The Master in Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions, MICE program will provide itself with the necessary to specialize in business tourism tools. [+]

Practices paid and guaranteed The program Master in Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions, MICE it will provide the necessary to specialize in an area of ​​great demand nowadays tools: business tourism. This type of tourism is actively developing worldwide, is increasingly common as it is a unique opportunity for business development. Starting dates: In person: November 2017 Online: March or October 2017 OBJECTIVES Provide theoretical and practical training to successfully address all activities related to the MICE industry and tourism business. MANAGE techniques to operate and manage each operational phase of the different types of events. Develop the skills necessary for deep industry knowledge and enhance skills in the exercise of functions. ADDRESSED TO University graduates interested in the management and organization of events. Professionals linked to the tourism sector interested in strengthening their training in the MICE field. Professional excited about organizing events. * In the case of not providing a university degree will be required to certify three years of work experience. Modules 1. 2 Introduction to the MICE sector. Market classification; 3 types of events. Strategic management in the MICE sector 4. Factors and actors in the MICE segment 5. Marketing and communication in the six MICE sector. Protocol in the organization of events in July. Coordination and management teams in August. Production MICE industry events in September. The post-event. Measurement and performance management METHODOLOGY AND METHOD ESODE offers this master in two ways: face and online, providing alternatives to the older student. Thus, under the modality... [-]


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