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Bau is a centre that provides higher education in the field of design.

Located in Barcelona, one of the leading cities in the field of design, BAU is situated in an industrial area of over 6,000 m2 equipped with specific rooms for teaching and multi-purpose spaces designed to promote research, creation and innovation.

The training offered at Bau materialises in university degrees in graphic, audiovisual, interior and fashion design as well as Master and Postgraduate degrees. It also offers other courses such as the Diploma in Design ‘Bau Nit’ (Bau Evening), in the specializations of Graphic Design and Interior Design, and the Summer University, in addition to a wide variety of courses, monographic courses and workshops.


Bau, Design College of Barcelona, was founded in 1989, on the initiative of a group of professional designers with a strong educational and teaching vocation, as a modern, innovative and multi-disciplinary high-level centre of studies in Design, to complement the models of the more traditional training centres existing at that time in Barcelona.

In 2003, Bau commits itself to a move to the 22@ district, now the innovation and design district of the city, where it restores and renovates a magnificent industrial area of over 6,000 m2.

2009 was an important milestone in the history of our Centre: within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), BAU became a centre attached to the University of Vic (UVIC). It thus became a pioneering centre in providing university studies for the Bachelor’s Degree in Design.

The quality of training at Bau, which is evaluated by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya), guarantees our present and our future.

Pedagogic system

The purpose of Bau and its teachers is to train contemporary, questioning, creative, open-minded designers who are able to understand social, cultural and economic changes and are committed to sustainable development to respond to the changing needs of society.

The training model of Bau brings a solid humanistic, cultural, artistic, technical and methodological training that is characterised by up-to-date teaching, connected to the real professional world from the culture of the project perspective.

Bau guarantees small classes to encourage comprehensive training, teamwork and personalized teaching and is careful to watch over the research activity of both teachers and students as a basis for enhancing creative skills and innovation.

The Bau teaching team applies innovative, quality teaching practices based on the applicability of learning through the development of the projects and teaches students to work rigorously and systematically to achieve the professionalization of the creative process.

Bau aims to promote multilingualism for professional purposes, and particularly mastery of the English Language, as the essential language for competitiveness in the employment market in the field of design as well as for exercising the profession and to contribute to the international reputation of its students.



Escuela Superior De Diseño Barcelona
c/ Pujades, 118

08005 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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