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Dmad is a Study and School of Interior Design and Architecture located in Madrid (Spain) that offers an innovative training plan, the courses and Masters of the Dmad School of Design are based on learning from real cases and are approved by the Nebrija University of Madrid.

In this way, the student of the school, in addition to receiving the necessary theoretical training, collaborates in projects of our study, which will teach him to face the challenges with which he will find himself at the time of exercising his profession as a designer of interiors

In Dmad, School and Interior Design Studio in Madrid, we have a wide variety of courses and Masters that cover different areas: landscaping, window dressing, management and brand image, furniture, decoration, interior styling, protocol and event organization, infographics ...


To become a designer you have to master many aspects, such as getting connected with the client to know their tastes, needs and objectives; get an idea and develop it; present the sketches either by hand or through computer aided design; and finalize the project respecting deadlines and budget.

Dmad's educational method is based on "learning the trade". Supported by theoretical classes, learning is obtained from real projects. This is possible thanks to a pre-work or first job in which each student puts their knowledge into practice, expands and reinforces it.

Through this system based on the student's collaboration in the projects carried out in our studio, we ensure the realization of practices that suppose the ideal and necessary complement in all training as a designer, in addition to helping our students in the preparation of a portfolio of its own.

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DMAD Escuela De Diseño De Interiores Y Arquitectura

The Master in Architecture and Interior Design of Dmad in Madrid is the optimal training for those who want to be interior design professionals. The confidence in this co ... [+]

What is our METHOD ? Students participate in real projects with a physical client, so that in addition to receiving theoretical classes they put their knowledge into practice. This is only possible thanks to the fact that Dmad is a School and Design Studio , so that our students learn the designer's OFFICE by collaborating in our projects.Small groups

Our teaching method is innovative and is based on custom-made and personalized teaching. Each module is taught by specialized teachers in the sector, so that they can guide the student in professional aspects beyond the classrooms.

Dmad is not just a school , but a place where you will find all the necessary support to start your professional career in the world of design.... [-]

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