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Our University belongs to the University Foundation San Pablo-CEU, the most important private education organization in Spain, having more than 26,000 students and 24 centers in every educative level, among those three Universities in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. University CEU Cardenal Herrera has more than 40 years experience in the Autonomous Community of Valencia.

Excellence, integral education, and personalized attention

We are committed to academic and professional excellence and the integral formation of our students. College is more than what happens in the classroom, and personalized teaching is the key for us. At CEU Cardenal Herrera University we believe that the first year is an opportunity for students to guide their futures and to decide on the path they will follow at the university in the next few years. From day one we offer assistance to students on this journey through tutorials and close relationships with their faculties and the university's services. The professors know that their work is not only to teach but to ensure that each student learns and intellectually matures. They do this by extending their work beyond the classroom. Committed to languages Learning languages is another of our main priorities. In addition to learning or improving Spanish (the second most spoken language in the world), you will have access to the numerous other language courses that are offered by our languages service.

  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

Practical training & Employment The student's first work experiences are developed in the university's facilities, they rigorously reconstruct the future professional scenarios of the different degree courses. In addition, the university also arranges professional work experiences for our students in both Spanish and foreign institutions. Valencia is a favorite destination for Erasmus students Spain remains the favorite destination for European students for participating in the Erasmus exchange program and it is also the country that sends the most students to the other Member States. During the 2011/2012 academic year, Spain received 39,300 Erasmus students, 15.5% of the total. Valencia has one of the mildest climates in Europe. It is characterized by a mild, typically Mediterranean climate, with an average annual temperature above 17ºC. Summers are warm and winters are very mild (during the winter months the temperature rarely falls below 10°C). HOSPITALITY PACKAGE Accommodation: before your arrival, you will be able to choose accommodation in an apartment or in a College Mayor (which is like a residence hall, but with the added bonus of cultural, academic, religious and sports activities). We have already selected the best deals for you so that you can browse through the different options online. On your arrival at the university, we can then help you to chose for accommodation, according to what best suits your needs. Getting a phone: upon arrival, you will receive a SIM card so you can talk and surf from the first minute. Opening a bank account: someone will accompany you to a branch of Banco Santander, which is the biggest bank in Spain having an office right on campus. We will help you to open an account which will give you access to your money 24/7. Banco Santander does not charge a fee for non-residents opening a bank account. Matriculation documentation: you don't have to worry about managing all the international academic documents, or paying for the matriculation documents in Spain. The university will manage all of the international documentation and take on the payments of the corresponding fees (fees to obtain the credential in UNED). You will also receive all the documentation about university services in whichever language you prefer (Spanish, English, French, or Italian), as well as cultural and tourist packs so that you can start exploring Valencia from the very first day. Get picked up on arrival and provided with accommodation: we will come to collect you at the airport or station and take you to a hotel where your first night will be pre-paid. The following day, you will be able to visit the different accommodations that you have been looking at online ID documentation: we will also handle all the ID documents that you need in order to become an official resident of Spain (NIE, visa, registration of residency etc.) Language classes: you will have access to a special language course in Spanish. Spare time: during your first few weeks at the university, you will be invited to take part in various activities to get integrated into Spanish culture, for example, a trip to the surrounding areas and, of course, the opportunity to try some local paella. Getting around: you will be given a Movilis travel card to get around on the bus, metro or public bikes during your first few weeks. All these services are offered to the students after payment of the International Fee. (600€). OPTIONAL MEDICAL INSURANCE: If you are interested, we can arrange you a 12 months medical insurance. The cost amount to 400€ for the Insurance More information on the admission process: Cost of living in Valencia: Why Spain is the perfect destination to study abroad:



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