AISE: Become Fluent in Spanish While Digging Your Toes into Paradise

The Active Interschool Spain Experience (AISE) provides an increasingly vital service to college students around the globe – immersion into the world's second most spoken language, Spanish.

And all while playing and living on the striking and saucy island of Tenerife. Home to fabulous hiking amongst volcanoes and mountains, sultry beaches and deep ocean diving with dolphins and turtles, star-gazing at one of the world's largest observatories, and a Euro-infused culture with designer shops and a Carnival only rivalled by Rio, Tenerife is an explosive synthesis of civilized culture and wild adventure.

Oh, and did we forget that it's never lower than 65°F, and never higher than 80°F?

So, learn a skill you can use forever, and have some fun on the friendliest of islands. We're waiting!

Why AISE is Better and Faster at Teaching Spanish

Spanish will only continue to grow in usage; it is projected by 2050 the US will be the largest Spanish-speaking country. So, now more than ever, to thrive in a world of multilingualism it is vital to learn Spanish.

Students can quickly feel overwhelmed when trying to learn a language while taking other classes, leaving little time for their Spanish studies, which is why AISE is the premier Spanish Language program for college students.

Located on the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, AISE is a complete immersion into Spanish. Students will reside on the Colegio Santo Domingo campus and learn the language in an interactive and dynamic environment. The auditory immersion experience allows for a deep understanding of the sounds and expressions of the Spanish language, and will enable students mastery of Spanish faster than the grammar-focused methods popular in the US; AISE is about the practical use of the Spanish language.

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