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The Technological Institute AIDIMME , is a private non-profit association of national scope, whose purpose is to promote the improvement of the competitiveness of the companies through the ID and both in their productive processes and in their products.

Since its constitution, in 1987, it has been carrying out actions framed in the training field, whose objective was and is to train technical specialists capable of immediately joining the company and contributing the knowledge acquired in the interest of the continuous improvement of our productive fabric.

As a result of these actions, in 1993, an initiative was launched that, with the improvements and updates required over the years, has reached the present day, the Master in Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Engineering .

Years later, in 2002, in view of the existing needs of companies in the field of process management, the Master in Quality Systems, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention Management was launched, a qualification for professional practice as Senior Technician in PRL .

In 2007 and before the new European university framework born in Bologna and the need to give these master's degrees official status, a collaboration agreement is established between AIMME and the Catholic University of Valencia - UCV , achieving the same verification by part of the Ministry of Education of both degrees.

In 2014 , AIMME and UCV propose the need to provide the master in systems management with an additional value, a differentiating element that improves the competitive situation of our students in the labor market. As a result of this analysis, a new Double Master degree is presented for the 2015-2016 academic year , which completes the subjects of the previous master's degree in systems management, but allows students to obtain two university master's degrees in one course:

  • Master's Degree in Integrated Management of Quality Systems, Environment and Safety and Health at Work
  • Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention

This training will fulfill the next edition 2017-2018 its edition number 15 having already trained more than 500 students (12 as a single degree and 3 as double degree).

Finally, in 2016, after a year of joint work with the AIDIMA technology center , the metal technology (AIMME) and wood (AIDIMA) technological centers merge, giving rise to the creation of the Metalworking Technology Institute, Mueble , Wood, Packaging and Allied - AIDIMME , renewing the agreement with the Catholic University of Valencia UCV and therefore, continuing with the collaboration in the university master's degrees, since then, AIDIMME - UCV .

The next course, the AIDIMME -UCV master's AIDIMME will fulfill its 11th edition as Official University Master's Degrees , allowing students to apply for scholarships, do internships, continue with doctoral studies, obtain points in competitive examinations or be recognized their degrees in any country of the European Union.



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46980 Paterna, Valencian Community, Spain

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