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Korea University Business School (KUBS) - the first and best Business School in Korea.

Marking its 100-year anniversary in May 2005, KUBS has spearheaded the development and innovation of management education in Korea and thus, has become undisputedly the country's best business school. KUBS graduates now account for the largest number of the nation's top business executives and certified public accountants (CPAs), a hallmark of the school's excellent education in management theories and practices.

Looking ahead to its future years, KUBS is now determined to move ahead with a new vision of becoming Asia 's top-rank business school. With this vision in mind, we are devoted to enriching our students' experience in contemporary management environments around the world. KUBS' programs, aimed at reaching out to the world, highlight student and faculty exchanges with universities worldwide as well as encouraging hands-on studies of the global market.

Each year, hundreds of KUBS and international students benefit from a rich array of KUBS international exchange programs on top of global internship opportunities, enriching their knowledge of the global market. Visiting international students and faculty also benefit from various KUBS incentives, including scholarships, living expenses and internship programs at multinational firms based in Korea.

KUBS' outstanding faculty, curriculum, programs and research centers offer a wealth of opportunities, disciplines, and experiences for KUBS students' outreach to the world and international students' in-depth acquaintance with Korea 's corporate culture. On top of its diverse undergraduate and graduate programs, KUBS' faculty, chosen from among the world's elite scholars, pave the way for students to pursue global objectives. KUBS is also equipped with cutting-edge teaching and research facilities, including LG-POSCO Hall, claimed to be the world’s most advanced in educational communications facilities.



Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

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