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DOBA Business School

Master Slovenia Maribor Serbia Belgrade October 2018

We are a fully accredited modern European business school dedicated to individuals who are interested in improving their knowledge and competitiveness through online and face-to-face learning. Our high-quality study programmes, available in four different languages, follow the standards and requirements of the current European and global business environment. Development of 21st century competences through innovative programmes and approaches holding the UNIQUe international… [+] accreditation for ICT-use in higher education DOBA Business School key advantages a developed and established online learning model, internationally accredited by the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning contemporary programmes aimed at the acquisition of topical and practical knowledge, modern IT-supported higher education, provided by teachers with extensive professional experience, a student-cantered approach, scientific research, international co-operation and other development activities, presence within south-eastern European markets, clear globalization strategy with entering new foreign markets of Africa and India, socially responsible and ethical education and research activities. DOBA offers study programmes to part-time students who are employed in general, and they can enroll on regular programmes and on distance/e-learning programmes.Students can study in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian or English. DOBA Business School is a part of the DOBA Business Group that was established in 1990. The DOBA Business Group is the largest private educational institution in Slovenia. From the very beginning, DOBA has been developing and promoting lifelong learning. Over 100 different formal and non-formal education and training programmes for different target and age groups answer the increased need for education in Europe. Our programmes continue to raise the standard of education for individuals and strengthen the fact that knowledge is a valuable asset. Instead of just preparing you for one of today’s conventional professions, we prepare you for several professions and jobs of tomorrow. Our Vision A School that Goes Beyond. To become one of the leading schools for online learning in Europe and a globally recognised school in this field – recognised for its pedagogical innovations, openness, social responsibility, belief in sustainable excellence and for its enterprising and socially responsible students, who are ready to solve current economic problems and tackle social issues. Our Mission Transforming Challenges into Opportunities with new Programmes and Approaches. DOBA Business School is a private business school and an established higher education institution for online learning in the region and a centre of knowledge. DOBA Business School implements undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and research from the field of applied social studies. Our endeavours are directed towards reducing gaps in knowledge and expanding opportunities for a successful career in Slovenia and in the region. Our actions are aimed at providing the narrower and broader social community with contemporary educated and practically trained graduates who are driven by ethical and socially responsible actions. Our Values Social ResponsibilityWe help shape freethinking, critical, enterprising and creative individuals, whose actions contribute to the progress of the society. Respecting Ethical ValuesWe are bound to high ethical principles that are at the core of our study programmes and study modes. Education and our own actions facilitate respect, acceptance of diversity, tolerance and respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Quality of EducationContinuous monitoring of the implementation of the study process, the qualifications of the implementers, the provision of conditions for the implementation of programmes, internal organisation, international comparability of study achievements, active cooperation with the community and continuous implementation of improvements by including the students. Research and Development Activities and InnovationsBeing an equal member of the academic community also in scientific and research work by providing new and innovative solutions that generate progress in the environment. Adapt and Be a Factor of Social ChangeOur actions in research, education and counselling, the establishing of connections, our ethical conduct and promotion of lifelong education contribute to the sustainable development of social responsibility in Slovenia and beyond. This is done in cooperation with national and international experts, institutions, organisations and companies. Respecting Individuality and Promoting TeamworkWe respect the expectations and needs of individuals, yet at the same time promote cooperation. IndependenceWe believe in intellectual freedom and are a financially, institutionally and academically independent and market-oriented institution. [-]

B2 Ljubljana School Of Business

MSc Slovenia Ljubljana October 2018

About the School Welcome to Ljubljana School of Business (in the Slovene language Visoka šola za poslovne vede) Good things are always triple. So, at the beginning we would like to stress out our three strengths: The first one is the quality of our teaching staff. The second one is having the reputation of being the friendliest school. The third is location, location and location. By that, we mean the location of Slovenia, the location of Ljubljana is one of the most popular … [+] cities in Europe now and the location of our school, merely 5 minutes’ walk from the city centre. We are trying to do the best we can to have our students and all the stakeholders satisfied. Why wouldn't you be a part of that success? Accept the challenge, invest in yourself, build your career for the better future. Why study at LSB? Through all these years, our school has proved to be the most student-friendly school. This is a guarantee that you will certainly feel good while studying at Ljubljana School of Business. Your satisfaction is our primary goal; therefore you will constantly be supported by all our staff. All our lecturers are leading experts in their field with a wealth of teaching experience. As a student at LSB, you will learn from the best. Our study programmes were developed in close collaboration with the most reputable companies in order to supply a more comprehensive response to business needs of today’s world. All study programmes are focused on the subject matters that are highly relevant to your future career path. A collaborative agreement with reputable companies offers a possibility of training placements in one of these companies, which can be a good springboard for your future business career. Ljubljana School Ljubljana School of Business provides state-approved study programmes. All our study programmes are also fully accredited by the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, which means that there is no need to worry about the recognition of your diploma. Because the Ljubljana School of Business is A GUARANTEE FOR SUCCESS. International comparability All our study programmes are internationally comparable. Ljubljana School of Business is an accredited ECTS institution, which ensures full transparency and enables the recognition of student academic achievements. Our study programmes are focused on specialized subject matters. Career-oriented courses will help you obtain a relevant academic qualification so as to be successful in today’s global economy and well-equipped to enter the business world immediately after graduating. Lecturers Our lecturers are leading experts in their fields and excellent teachers with an academic background, who know how to meet adult learners’ needs and interests. Proud to be have been invited to join our reputable school, they are committed to assisting you in your professional growth and success. While studying at Ljubljana School of Business, you will have a full support of our lecturers. They are very approachable and willing to help you prepare for exams, develop ideas for your seminar paper or advise you on any other problems throughout your studies. [-]

University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics

Master Slovenia Ljubljana October 2018

The FELU is both a national leader and an internationally recognised academic and research institution in the fields of business and economics. We strive to become perceived as the world-renowned institution for the quality of our academic programmes and achievements in education and research. The Faculty of Economics, the University of Ljubljana(“the FELU”) was established in 1946. It is one of the 23 faculties and 3 art academies of the University of Ljubljana, which is … [+] the largest public university in Slovenia with approximately 50,000 students. The FELU is the biggest higher education and research institution in the field of business and economics in Slovenia and also has the largest centre for executive education within a university setting. It has close ties with the international education and research sphere, also giving it a strong position in the markets of CEE. Its values are integrity, cooperation, responsibility, knowledge and academic freedom. The AMBA accreditation is the third international award for excellence that was bestowed on the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. It is the only school in the wider region to have been awarded the EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA international accreditations, thereby joining the elite group of Triple Crown schools. This achievement ranks it among the top 1% of business and economics schools in the world. For the FELU, which is celebrating its jubilee 70th anniversary this year, the triple recognition of its excellence entails a responsibility to the students, employers and all stakeholders who are writing and co-creating its story. Triple Crown accreditation is a synonym for a commitment to high-quality standards in the areas of business education, research, international integration and co-operation with the business sector. Mission We broaden horizons and build competencies for socially responsible management of the business and economic challenges. Vision By 2025 we will be the school of choice in business and economics in Central Europe for doing research, learning and creating sustainable development solutions. Strategic Goals Engagement, cooperation and mutual respect of employees Efficient use of resources Employable graduates who responsibly resolve complex challenges High-quality learning experience Influential research achievements Sustainable financial structure Economic and social effects Core Values integrity, cooperation, responsibility, knowledge and academic freedom. FELU Community The FELU are people. The quality of our work ensures the faculty's mission is fulfilled and its reputation is enhanced. Application and Admission Procedure for Undergraduate and Single Cycle Master’s Study Programmes Call for enrolment in the first cycle (undergraduate) study programmes for academic year 2017/2018 will be published on the 30th of January 2017. Candidates apply for enrolment into the undergraduate study programmes in accordance with the deadlines and the method specified in the Call for Enrolment at the eVŠ web portal. The application will open at the beginning of February 2017. The application and admission procedure for the first and second application deadline is managed and implemented centrally by the Application and Information Service of the University of Ljubljana. The application and admission procedure for the third application deadline is carried out by the members of the University of Ljubljana. [-]

University Of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture

Slovenia Ljubljana October 2018

University Of Ljubljana Faculty of ArchitectureThe faculty of architecture in Ljubljana is generally considered one of the best Central European schools of architecture. Confirmation of its quality comes from numerous successful students and graduates, often achieving enviable results domestically and abroad. Our graduates are known for their general and professionally profiled knowledge and systematic project approach enabling successful employment in various fields of artistic… [+] and architectural endeavors. Structure of the curriculumThe faculty offers academic education and professional research in architecture, urbanism and design- graphic and product. At this moment programme consist of graduate courses that last nine semesters plus one year for diploma. Graduate courses are in architecture, urbanism or design. Postgraduate courses last two years in master course in architecture or in urbanism or in specialist course in architecture. Next to that Ph.D. course lasts four years. In academic year 2007/2008 faculty will introduce new Bachelors and Master courses based on Bologna declaration.The new doctoral programme in architecture starts in 2009/2010. Visiting address: University of Ljubljana Faculty of architecture, Zoisova 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Addmissions contact: Dean office Application deadline - unified masters study programme: March; - doctoral programme: August Admission requirementsUnified masters study programme in architecture: graduation of high school education (graduation certificate-matriculation from high school, professional graduation certificate or final examination), positive result from entrance exam at Faculty of Architecture. Doctoral programme: general requirements (details: see full programme description below): MSc. or equivalent (recognition applications deadline to continue in the doctoral programme: May). [-]

GEA College

Master Slovenia Ljubljana October 2018

GEA College is a modern centre of education and a guide to business excellence. GEA College has been a synonym for business education with focus on entrepreneurship and management since its establishment in 1990. Our study programmes are designed to pursue global trends, international standards in the field of education and training, and mostly the demand for knowledge and skills, which employees and entrepreneurs manage on market and the increasing complexity of business… [+] process. Mission Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs with new entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in the field of business, so that they can be one step ahead of their competitors and thus, pursue a successful career in the modern market economies. We research and develop new knowledge, transfer existing knowledge and provide education and training to ambitious people. Vision GEA College aims to become the best educational institution for education and training of dynamic entrepreneurs in middle and Eastern Europe. In the future it will become a centre for developing excellent projects in business education and collaborations. Innovative business programmes will be in focus. GEA College must become a prestigious establishment, which is known for its entrepreneurship in every sense. Innovation and business pragmatics are the key system values. Strategic Values The goal of GEA College is to become the best establishment in this part of Europe in the following few years. We will develop and introduce an identifiable and prestigious educational programme of entrepreneurship We will establish a system of activities, which will be connected to the development and research areas We will strategically connect with representatives of leading economic activities in the region We will unite internationally recognisable professionals, which will serve as elementary motor for operation and activity development of GEA College We will maintain the system of international organisation and GEA College organisation We will maintain a regional network of strategically connected educational institutions. [-]

University of Maribor Faculty of Economics and Business

Slovenia Maribor October 2018

FEB's Mission “The Faculty of Economics and Business contributes to the holistic development of individuals and participates in the development of the economy and community at both the national and wider European levels through its synthesis of economics and business research and education.” FEB's Vision “FEB will be recognized nationally and throughout the wider European Region as an excellent research-oriented and globally-connected school of economics and business.” FEB's S… [+] trategic Orientation The following strategic objectives support the mission statement: Meaningful and impactful research. Continuous support for faculty and staff development. Ongoing cooperation with the business community. Current and effective undergraduate and postgraduate study programs and life-long education in the field of economics and business. Increased internationalization in all operational areas. Encouragement of socially responsible behavior and morally and ethically principled action. Assurance of interdisciplinary knowledge and spreading awareness for sustainable development. FEB's Core Values Academic freedom Knowledge Cooperation Personal and social responsibility Equality and democracy Credibility and ethical action Dialogue and interpersonal respect Innovation Critical thinking Entrepreneurship. The FEB offers an interesting, dynamic and challenging study environment which provides the immediate application of knowledge in practice. Approximately 26,000 undergraduate students (university education and higher professional education programs) and more than 1,000 post-graduate students (specialists, masters of science, MBA graduates, doctors of science) of the FEB have already started their successful professional careers.By studying at the FEB, the students acquire, expand and broaden their professional knowledge and experience to meet the demands of the rapidly-changing economic and business environment. They are acquainted with leading and innovative economic and business theories and provided with the opportunity to gain further experience through practical training and international student exchange both at home and abroad. The FEB offers its students to study either full-time or part-time. Apart from Maribor, the part-time study is organized in Celje, Ljubljana, Koper and Murska Sobota and serves the needs of those students who are employed as well as of those who live outside Maribor and wish to study at the FEB while remaining to live in their hometown. Apart from the new programs, the FEB also carries out the following programs which will be suspended in the forthcoming years: University education programme – ‘Economics’, Higher professional education program – ‘ Business Administration’, Master of science programme – ‘Economics and Business’, Master of Business Administration – MBA. [-]

IEDC - Bled School of Management

Slovenia Bled October 2018

IEDC – Bled School of Management, founded 31 years ago as the first business school of its type in Central and Eastern Europe, is one of the leading international management development institutions in Europe. The IEDC - Bled School of Management develops competent and responsible leaders and addresses organizations’ complex leadership issues. We do this by bringing together the best faculty from around the world and integrating arts, ethics, and sustainable development int… [+] o the learning process. IEDC provides a creative environment for creative leadership, leveraging its stunning location in beautiful Bled, Slovenia. We strive for education with impact. View Presentation The range of comprehensive executive development programs offered by IEDC helps individuals and organizations achieve their strategic and/or personal goals and includes degree (EMBA, Ph.D.) and non-degree programs (General Management Program, summer schools for high potentials, seminars, forums, in-company programs) and addresses the needs of different levels of management and industries. Since 1986, more than 80.000 executives and students from over 85 countries have completed various IEDC education programs. In 2012, the Executive MBA Program of IEDC–Bled School of Management was recognized by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) as one of the four most innovative MBA programs in the world, among 700 business schools in the world. The IEDC–Bled School of Management won that recognition for innovation in combining the arts with leadership and management education. [-]