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​Department of Psychology has accreditation for undergraduate and graduate education (bachelor and Master of Arts degree) in the field of psychology and postgraduate (PhD.) education in the field of social psychology and the psychology of work as well. In the educational area, our major focus is on quality preparation for future professional psychologists who would be able to play their parts in the psychological research and many classic psychological areas such as counseling, school psychology, clinical practice and recruitment, selection, motivation & training of employees. Furthermore, our department carries out diverse research activities reflecting the focus and scientific orientation of the lecturers. Dominant research areas include, for example, such areas as a theory of psychological assessment, developmental psychology, the psychology of creativity, the psychology of decision making, psychological counseling, the psychology of work and organizations, self-regulation & goal-directed behavior and so on.


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History of the Department

In 1968, psychology studying became a reality at UPJŠ. It was an important event in terms of UPJŠ, of the city and the region and in terms of the situation and further development of psychology in Slovakia. For an appreciation of the importance of opening psychology studying at UPJŠ, it should be noted that at that time, to study psychology in Czechoslovakia was possible only at four universities, and three of them were in the Czech Republic. Until 1968 it was possible to study psychology in Slovakia only at the Comenius University in Bratislava.

An important role in the formation of the Department of Psychology played a situation in Kosice, which was an important center of psychological workplaces. Workplaces from all the main areas of using psychological services in practice functioned here. In 1959, Regional psychological and educational clinic and Centre for career choices was founded and successfully led by prof. PhDr. J. Hvozdík, DrSc. A few years later, Regional marriage and marital counseling were established. Also, clinical psychology was doing well in Kosice with the most prominent representative associative professor Mgr. A. Stančák, CSc, who was that time also an associate professor at the Medical Faculty UPJŠ. A workplace for the psychology of work was built in VSŽ, which after the completion at the early 1970s became one of the most important departments in this field in Slovakia and former Czechoslovakia.


Photo: Tomáš Hrivňák

Since its opening at UPJŠ became a Faculty of Arts in Prešov an executor of psychology studying. The heaviness of conditions bound to Kosice led to the physical location of the Department of Psychology to Kosice, thanks to the effort of its founder prof. PhDr. J. Hvozdík, DrSc. Kosice became the seat of the Department of Psychology and the city where the study of psychology carried out. Problems with ensuring of studying in another city were the background of increasing efforts to relocate the Department of Psychology and the entire study of psychology to Prešov. The culmination of a multi-annual process was the relocation of the department in 1984. The department management took over in 1984 associative professor PhDr. Ľ. Fábryová, CSc., later, in 1989 associative professor PhDr. V. Kubáni, CSc. In 1990 associative professor PhDr. J. Frejenčík, CSc. became a head of the Department of Psychology. Socio-political changes after 1989 brought the return of the Department of Psychology and the study of psychology to Kosice. This happened in 1991. After the resignation of the associative professor PhDr. J. Ferjenčík, CSc., as head of the department was nominee associative professor PhDr. M. Mesárošová, CSc., and later associative professor PhDr. Š. Vendel, CSc.

1 January 1997 came to Prešov University into existence from faculties of UPJŠ acting in Prešov. The Department of Psychology, as the part of Faculty of Arts, became then the part of Prešov University.

After dividing the former UPJŠ was as a priority considered the creation of conditions for establishing new faculties in the field of social sciences and humanities. After obtaining accreditation for programs at all three grades (bachelor, master, doctorate) and after certain organizational arrangements were in 2005 opened the study of psychology in new-established Institute of Philological and Social Sciences UPJŠ (a predecessor of the Faculty of Arts). That time (fall 2005) was established the Department of psychology as an incorporate workplace for the study of psychology. 1 January 2007 became it the new department of the Faculty of Arts UPJŠ.

Since its inception committed the Department of Psychology to the tradition of the study of psychology at UPJŠ in Kosice in the period 1968-1996. It takes into account the fact that for the whole period it was a study at the Faculty of Arts UPJŠ in Prešov as a settlement, which became a faculty of Prešov University. Thanks to it our whole history of psychology studying and of the Department of Psychology at the original UPJŠ also part of the current Institute of Psychology of Faculty of Arts of Prešov University.


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Pavol Jozef Safarik University Faculty of Arts

The Master's Degree Programme Psychology prepares graduates for practice in three basic areas: clinical psychology, counseling and school psychology, and psychology of wo ... [+]


The Master's Degree Programme Psychology prepares graduates for practice in three basic areas: clinical psychology, counseling and school psychology, and psychology of work and organizations. During the study, the graduates will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical competencies for diagnostics, intervention, prevention, and research in the above areas. The study allows specialization by selecting the compulsory subjects and provides the universal psychological education that enables to become successful in different fields in different job positions. The graduates can work in the field of health-care as clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists, in education and social care as counseling and school psychologists, in industrial and organizational areas as work psychologists, as well as researchers in research institutions.... [-]

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