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LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore is a leading tertiary institution in cutting edge contemporary arts and design education and practice. The college offers over 30 diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in fine arts, design communication, interior design, product design, film, animation, fashion, dance, music, theatre,arts management, arts pedagogy and practice, art therapy and Asian art histories.

Its faculty is led by a community of award-winning artists, designers, educators and researchers, and their practice-led research sets LASALLE apart as an international centre of excellence. Critically acclaimed alumni form the core of the cultural and creative sectors in Singapore and increasingly, internationally.

Founded in 1984 by De La Salle Brother Joseph McNally –a visionary artist and educator – LASALLE is a not-for-profit, private educational institution. LASALLE receives tuition grant support from the Singapore Ministry of Education.Its degree programmes are validated by Goldsmiths, University of London.


LASALLE College of the Arts is an arts school renowned for its contemporary art practice, delivery of award-winning artists and designers, firm commitment to artist education and nurturing of arts research in Singapore. LASALLE produces thinking and reflexive graduates who are not afraid to access the global creative industries hence we have many students working internationally from theatre, film to design.

We are uniquely located in Singapore, a world leading global financial, economic and cultural hub. A graduate education here brings you closer to developing a deep understanding of cultural and economic links not only between the East and the West but also with the Singapore’s hinterland of Southeast Asia and East Asia.

LASALLE’s campus is at the heart of Singapore’s arts and heritage districts drawing from migrants and colonial histories from India, China and the Malay Archipelago. Surrounded by prestigious museums, galleries, design centres and performing arts venues adjacent to the financial and business centres of Singapore, an education at LASALLE brings the creative sector immediately into the classroom, through lectures and learning visits, where you develop quick and lifelong networks with international artists, curators, arts managers, designers and cultural workers.

At LASALLE, you get a top quality education through the opportunity to work with a community of emerging artists, designers, curators, performers and academics in creating new opportunities and outlooks to your research and practice and more importantly, to develop path-breaking research between theory and practice. You will be supported by LASALLE’s curatorial division, the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, founded on the principle of curating and exhibiting contemporary art and exploring its practices of making, and the boutique research-orientated arts library, The Ngee Ann Kongsi Library, in your journey of research and practice.

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MA Arts and Cultural Management

Campus Full time August 2017 Singapore Buona Vista area

The LASALLE Arts and Cultural Management MA programme will equip students to enhance their skills, reflect on areas such as management and policy, and to be advocates of the [+]

Arts and cultural managers play a huge role in stewarding the growth of the arts, cultural and creative sectors, especially in such highly ambitious, rapidly expanding art ecosystems as we are witnessing in Singapore and Asia. The arts, cultural and creative sectors are gaining global importance, fuelled by emerging talent, demographic and economic changes, and public sector commitment and market dynamics. The times call for arts and cultural policy workers, curators and managers who are able to influence the conditions that catalyse and maintain a robust, active scene. The Arts and Cultural Manager makes things happen, provides strategic connections, creates opportunity, and forges new directions for the arts and creative landscape to thrive. The MA in Arts and Cultural Management Programme is designed to build on your professional expertise and provide you with the capacity to take on senior positions in the arts and cultural sector. Leveraging exciting movements in Asia, students delve deeper into the questions and practices surrounding successful arts management and cultural policy. Students will learn about policy, advocacy, entrepreneurship, principles of arts management, and develop their research capacity. Through seminar-style classes, lectures, and study visits, the Programme guides students to develop the knowledge, spirit of inquiry and innovative points of view that are needed for taking the arts and culture sector into the future. To provide the level of exposure and dialogue in context, the Programme focuses on enabling students to engage directly with local and international perspectives through an ongoing series of lectures and seminars with guest speakers, practitioners, and visiting academics. Recent visiting academics have included Professor Milena Dragićević Šešić, Head of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management and professor at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and Franco Bianchini, Professor of Cultural Policy and Planning at Leeds Beckett University, UK. Candidates are required to demonstrate a high degree of competence in their field of interest or current practice in the arts and creative industries through an interview as well as the submission of a research proposal. A sense of enquiry, self-discipline, commitment to research, as well as the ability to conceptualise, analyse, and evaluate ideas and critical theories will be required. [-]

MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice

Campus Full time August 2017 Singapore Buona Vista area

As an MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice candidate, you are concerned with developing your contemporary arts practice and nurturing future generations of emerging artists. [+]

As an MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice candidate, you are concerned with developing your contemporary arts practice and nurturing future generations of emerging artists. Candidates come from a full range of creative and performing arts disciplines as well as visual, design, and curatorial practice. They are practicing artists and active educators who wish to integrate current arts pedagogy into their work. For individuals who are deeply invested in nurturing and mentoring the next generation of emerging artists, the Programme underscores the importance of developing a critical pedagogical approach. This is in order to enable long-term capacity for exploration and openness to new and varied experiences that will support teaching in the arts in a constantly repositioning society and landscape. Candidates will develop the critical skills, self-awareness, and reflexivity within their own perspective to become highly effective in supporting their students’ growth as artists working across diverse areas. Candidates have the opportunity to transform their practice for the benefit of their students, community and industry, themselves, and to contribute to the growing field of research in arts education. The MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice Programme is a one-and-ahalf year, three-semester programme. It is structured to offer an educational development opportunity while enabling individuals to continue with professional practice and career obligations. LASALLE offers an interdisciplinary teaching and learning environment where experienced artists from vastly different backgrounds and interests are immersed in pedagogical discussion and research. The Programme is designed to develop artists, practitioners, educators, and researchers who wish to know more about educational theories, curriculum design, and content delivery, as well as assessment strategies. Students will build upon their skills and knowledge, and develop strategies to support students to break boundaries and create new contemporary work. [-]

MA Art Therapy

Campus Full time August 2017 Singapore Buona Vista area

As an Art Therapist, you purposefully facilitate an art-making process to promote create self-expression, reflection, understanding and change with people and/or communities who encounter a range of stress, trauma, physical, mental or societal challenges and experiences. [+]

As an Art Therapist, you purposefully facilitate an art-making process to promote create self-expression, reflection, understanding and change with people and/or communities who encounter a range of stress, trauma, physical, mental or societal challenges and experiences. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps people to effect change and growth through the use of art materials in a supported and safe environment. For those having difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings verbally, art therapy is non-intrusive and can tap into the rich non-verbal aspects of communication and creativity. Art therapists develop the necessary skills and training to effectively work with a variety of populations throughout the life cycle. They work within various medical, institutional, educational, and rehabilitative settings that may include learning, development, medical conditions, social work, marginalized groups, crisis and trauma within communities, ageing and eldercare to name a few. The practice of art therapy ranges from studio-based to clinical approaches, depending on the art therapist’s level of expertise, practice and working environment. Art therapists remain sensitive to cultural awareness, difference and diversity and adhere to international ethics and best practices. The MA Art Therapy Programme at LASALLE is a two-year, four semester full-time training programme spanning a range of psychotherapeutic concepts, theories and practices. The experiential model of the Programme places an emphasis on acquiring critical knowledge and understanding of the philosophy of the modality itself. All candidates undergo a substantial period of clinical practice through supervised clinical placements. Clinical work is further explored and discussed through structured group and individual supervision at the College. As a Masters candidate you will be encouraged to attain an autonomous and reflective stance in your learning, development, and assessment in collaboration with tutors. This is a vital process in developing an approach to your professional practice as a confident, competent and ethical art therapist that will be based upon your ability to be analytical, critical, objective and self-reflective about your work. Although personal therapy is required in semesters 2-4, it is recommended throughout the duration of the training. Each student is to arrange and pay for their own personal therapy as this is not included with tuition. The MA Art Therapy is the first of its kind to be developed and implemented in Southeast Asia. The Programme is breaking new ground in relation to the varied and distinctive social, cultural and spiritual frameworks within which it is being nurtured. The Southeast Asian context is considered throughout the training and candidates are encouraged to research and work in a range of settings both local and if appropriate, international. A blend of Eastern and Western approaches are considered and candidates are encouraged to develop a reflective and contemporary philosophical and practical stance. Although there may be several similarities in terms of the human experience, it is acknowledged that there are unique cultural considerations and local and/or region specific implications in terms of how mental health services are defined, perceived and implemented. Self-reflexivity, mindfulness and a contemplative approach are practices wherein candidates may further draw upon to further embrace and/or expand their understanding of an Asian context. It is acknowledged that cultural difference and diversity are at the heart of current art therapy debate and discourse both locally and around the globe. [-]

MA Asian Art Histories

Campus Full time August 2017 Singapore Buona Vista area

The Master of Arts in Asian Art Histories is unique in being the first taught postgraduate programme to focus on Asian contemporary visual arts. The Programme seeks to educate and train students who have interest in contributing [+]

These are exciting times for Asian art and artists, many of whom have attained international stardom buoyed by market demand and greater visibility in the international art circuit, as well as for Asian countries that have been transformed into major centres for the arts. The success and visibility of Asian art makes its research and study all the more timely and relevant, as economic and cultural shifts move the global balance of power from West to East. It is also a particularly exciting time to be studying in Singapore, which has become the arts and cultural hub of the region and has put in place an arts infrastructure that is unmatched by any other country in the region in the collection and display of Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art. With the opening of the NationalGallery, Singapore in 2015-which will have the largest collection on Southeast Asian modern art in the region-Singapore is also poised to become a leading centre for the study and research of the arts of the region. By studying in Singapore, students will not only have access to the vast collection of Southeast Asian art but will be in a strategic location from where they can conduct research around the region. The MA in Asian Art Histories is the first MA programme in any tertiary institution worldwide to focus on Asian modern and contemporary art. While Asian art programmes traditionally focus on the classical periods or grand traditions, the LASALLE Programme gives students the opportunity to lead original research in largely underexplored fields, investigate recently emerged artists and movements, and thereby contribute to contemporary discourse and scholarship. The Programme encourages analysis of Asian modern and contemporary art from an Asian perspective rather than through a Euro-American lens alone so as to broaden discourse. As such candidates will have the opportunity to play a part in the College’s strategic ambitions to “become one of the world’s premier educational institutions for contemporary intercultural study of diverse artistic traditions” and to become the “leading Asian educational institution for contemporary creativity in the arts.” The Master of Arts in Asian Art Histories is a one-and-half year programme over three semesters. It seeks to educate and train students who have interest in contributing original scholarship to the emerging field. The Programme equips students with the appropriate expertise and rigour to undertake a higher level of independent research work such as a PhD. The titular use of “histories” represents the plurality of divergent social, cultural and religious narratives that are specific to the environments artists operate within. By studying Asian Art Histories in the practice-based environment of LASALLE, candidates experience an immersive environment within which to engage with practitioners and artworks, fostering an interdisciplinary approach towards the study and writing of art histories. [-]

MA Creative Writing

Campus Full time Part time 3 - 6  August 2017 Singapore Buona Vista area + 1 more

Delight in the revelatory power of an unforgettable phrase, the delicious slipperiness of language, the myriad satisfactions of story, and the adaptability of narratives that migrate from page to stage and screens, large or small. [+]

Delight in the revelatory power of an unforgettable phrase, the delicious slipperiness of language, the myriad satisfactions of story, and the adaptability of narratives that migrate from page to stage and screens, large or small. As a postgraduate student of Creative Writing at LASALLE, you will study alongside a rich community of visual artists, filmmakers, designers, dancers, photographers, actors and other arts professionals in a Programme validated by celebrated arts university, Goldsmiths, University of London. Elsewhere, Creative Writing students and faculty are isolated from other campus artist-researchers or overshadowed by science and business programmes. At LASALLE’s vibrant, downtown campus our MA Creative Writing students work in a creative milieu devoted exclusively to artists and art professionals. The MA Creative Writing Programme, offered both in full-time (one-and-a-half year, over three semesters) and part-time (three years, over six semesters) mode, is devoted to writing, editing and publishing which also provides students a critical, theoretical and historical framework for the analysis of literature, art, communication and arts pedagogy. Intensive graduate writing workshops deepen a student writer’s creative practice to help you write more publishable fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and/or drama (for stage and/or screen). The Programme concludes with students embarking on a full-length creative writing thesis in the genre of your choice. Each mode of your learning improves writing, reading, and editing abilities while also providing meta-lessons in perception, creative problem solving, social-emotional intelligence, communicative precision, interpersonal diplomacy, community, empathy, and, yes, human nature. Timeless philosophical questions about identity, knowledge, individuality, work, community, family, nationality, love, ethics, and meaning arise and evolve through sustained, informed and self-aware writing in addition to consultations with our published writing faculty, workshop peers, guest writers and industry professionals. LASALLE offers all its students a steady parade of visiting artists and art professionals devoted to aesthetic perfection, informed creativity, and passionate enquiry. We prepare the writers, editors, publishers, cultural curators and writing teachers of tomorrow within and beyond dynamic, energetic Singapore. With its international partnership with Goldsmiths, its rich history of arts education, and exciting new MA Programmes in Arts Pedagogy and Practice, Art Therapy, Asian Art Histories, and Arts Management, LASALLE is proud to provide the first taught MA Creative Writing in Singapore while also aligning Singapore and Southeast Asia to the world’s exponentially growing market for literary production, publishing and pedagogy. Write here. [-]

MA Design

Campus Full time August 2017 Singapore Buona Vista area

What is the role of design and the designer in today’s fast-changing world? As technologies progress rapidly, so do the possibilities of what constitutes design expand. Along with the growth of societies, as communities reimagine themselves, the designer’s canvas evolves as well from not only creating solutions, to preserving the values and thinking behind them in response to constrained resources as diverse needs increase. [+]

What is the role of design and the designer in today’s fast-changing world? As technologies progress rapidly, so do the possibilities of what constitutes design expand. Along with the growth of societies, as communities reimagine themselves, the designer’s canvas evolves as well from not only creating solutions, to preserving the values and thinking behind them in response to constrained resources as diverse needs increase. Therefore as design exists within an increasingly complex and interconnected world, we need to emphasise the social, environmental and downstream impact of designed products, services and systems. We will need to factor in not just market-driven forces and material possibilities, but what the making process itself means. This is why the practices of Design and Design Research are increasingly important across industry contexts, whereby we rethink not only the makeup of the solutions, but the process of inquiry that generate those solutions as well. The complexity and unpredictability of the problems we face entails that solving them will require us to bring multi-disciplinary skills, expertise and processes to bear on any one problem, as not one domain of expertise has the monopoly on the solution. As more individuals and organisations recognise this, designers today are applying their craft in a staggering variety of contexts, from products to services, organisations, systems and policies, beyond the previous conventional domains of design. Against this backdrop, we have designed the MA Design programme to respond to the important role of design in re-imagining the world we live in. You will be challenging your thinking and making process. You will emerge fully proficient in being able to articulate and produce design as a force for impact. You will be part of a new generation of research-based creators, innovators and inventors challenging conventions and creating well-informed positions of what Design is, what it is positioned to do, and how it can help strategically transform lives. The MA Design is a 1.5 year, 3 semester long programme to develop design research and practice capabilities in critical analysis, collaborative engagement and intellectual argument. As a student, you will learn by doing along the iterative process of research-led design practice. You will hone your critical thinking and ability to identify problems and formulate solutions, increasing your agility to perform across the roles of thinker, researcher, strategist and innovator. The MA Design programme provides a learning environment for interdisciplinary, collaborative processes. You will explore research themes through modules on context, discourse, methodology and interdisciplinary design labs. You will experience active learning, dialogue and debate with your fellow students, faculty and industry partners with diverse backgrounds, expertise and experience. In order to support your exploration of the emerging applications of design and where you can best apply your skills towards them, the programme provides a supportive environment full of advanced practical and research-driven opportunities for you to experiment across a wide range of domains. Career Path The MA Design programme at LASALLE builds upon the dynamically evolving design culture we are seeing in Singapore and the region. Singapore is now home to more than 7000 multinational corporations, where an estimate of over 227,000 jobs were created for both local and foreign talents. In recent years, Asia has become a major player in design and has been influential to the creative economy. Places like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore are emerging as major players on the creative world stage, due to the richness and sophistication of their cultural heritage. As part of an increasingly important but scarce pool of talent, you will participate in the positioning of Singapore and Asia as a rigorous environment and connection point for innovative design-based education. As a graduate of the programme, you will be sought after for your ability to understand the multi-faceted cultural, communicative, production, management and business demands so as to contribute across a spectrum of creative industries and business contexts. [-]

MA Fine Arts

Campus Full time August 2017 Singapore Buona Vista area

The Master of Arts Fine Arts cultivates a teaching and learning methodology that values artistic practice. It strives for a balance between contemporary art practice within your own socio-cultural milieu and the theoretical [+]

As a Fine Artist, you are dedicated to advancing your art making and to developing a rigorous research and studio practice whereby you conceptualise, evaluate and analyse your process, pushing the boundaries in relation to your own social and cultural context, and the theoretical discourse around your practice. Whether focusing your research area within a certain mode of expression, or choosing to work via an interdisciplinary approach, the MA Fine Arts Programme enables you to cultivate your practice through a firm grounding in studio experimentation and innovation. The Programme has unrelentingly worked at preparing our graduates for a rapidly-evolving art landscape. Historically, Singapore’s strategic position has enabled it to play a critical role in mediating the communication between Southeast Asia and the world. Concurrently, Singapore’s committed investment in arts infrastructure has created a burgeoning arts industry that not only creates market opportunities for artists but also facilitates the art-related negotiations as a meeting ground for renowned artistic talent and discourse to cross-pollinate. Central to the Programme’s philosophy is the role of the artist in developing your own research-based practice. Believing that it is not enough to merely mirror global trends, the Programme is the only practice-based programme in Singapore that prizes multidisciplinary while generating individual self-discipline, knowledge, and discoveries that enable the realisation of your artistic vocabulary. The programme also prides itself in working towards the sustainability of an artist. The MA Fine Arts Programme is a one-and-a-half year programme over three semesters where alongside rigorous studio-based training, candidates will acquire a critical, theoretical, and historical discourses that inform their contemporary artistic practice. At LASALLE, you will receive quality education that integrates research and practice. You will develop your abilities to conceptualise creatively, reflect upon your practice, and grow your individual and collaborative skills. The Programme’s stellar, dedicated faculty spans a wide range of academic and artistic backgrounds as well as geographies. Accomplished academics and artists in their own right, they provide candidates with individualised attention and support alongside a distinguished roster of guest lecturers, international artists, curators and critics amidst the vibrant ecosystem of fellow candidates. The Programme is committed to providing a conducive learning environment not just as a result of Singapore’s strategic geographic and culturally-connected position in Southeast Asia, but also leveraging the LASALLE integrated arts campus context (alongside faculties of Media Arts, Design, Performing Arts and Creative Industries). Through such a rich context and diverse international exposure, candidates have ample opportunities to further contemporary art discourses through their own research and practice, and graduate with global appeal. [-]


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