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The Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (established in 1907) started to offer Master programs in the Economics in 1992 to train skilled specialists for government, municipal, regional and commercial entities.

In 1991/92, the Plekhanov together with the Academy of Management and Market developed a pilot Master’s program. 1993/94 saw the launch of the first pilot MBA program jointly offered by Plekhanov, Institute of Economy and Finance “Synergia” and the Iyona College from the USA. This was one of the first Russian-American projects in professional education, aimed at training highly skilled specialists for the Russian market economy.

Following the government educational guidelines, Masters programs at Plekhanov present a wide selection of specialized curricula in two areas: Economics and Management. The main characteristics of Plekhanov Masters are: A considerable proportion of independent work in the program;

* The application of the latest technology and methods of instruction, such, as interactive lectures, case analysis, group research projects, individual and group presentations, scientific seminars;
* The possibility to select courses from a wide variety of electives;
* The participation of the leading professors from the Plekhanov and specialists from Russian and international companies;
* Guest lectures by professors from foreign partner schools;
* Scientific research projects based on real companies and organizations’ studies;
* The development of your own cases under the supervision of experienced instructors;
* A possibility to prepare for international professional examinations;
* A possibility to spend an exchange semester abroad in one of the foreign partner schools;
* A possibility to prepare for Ph.D. examinations.

Plekhanov Graduate School contributes to the development of Russian economy and society through the supply of high-quality master’s level education and training meeting the diverse educational needs of consumers, effectively using the Plekhanov Academy history, its research, teaching and practical expertise, international contacts and developing the Plekhanov brand.

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