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The Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN) was established in 1916. In 1918, it became the first State Higher Educational Institution of Soviet Russia. In 1956, the University was named after the great Russian mathematician Nikolai Lobachevsky. UNN is one of the leading classical research universities in Russia and the winner of all the major recent Russian higher education competitive programmes. In 2009, Russian Government awarded the University with the honorable status of National Research University.

Today UNN provides quality education to over 30000 undergraduate and graduate students and 1000 postgraduates. The University staff comprises over 1200 Candidates of Sciences (PhDs) and over 400 Doctors of Sciences. International students from more than 70 countries of the world choose UNN. Being an innovative university, the University of Nizhni Novgorod provides highquality research-based education in a broad range of academic disciplines and programmes. The combination of high educational quality and accessibility of education due to a great variety of educational programme types and forms of training is a distinctive feature of the University in today’s global knowledge economy.

UNN is actively involved in cooperation with foreign partners, it has won many international awards and works in close connection with various Russian and foreign companies (Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Cisco Systems, Sberbank, YAZAKI).The University is also a member of the Association of Russian Leading Universities and European University Association (EUA). UNN is ranked 74 by the QS World University Ranking BRICS and has five ‘QS Stars for Excellence in Teaching, Employability, Innovation, and Facilities. UNN is one of only 15 Russian universities awarded in 2013 with a prestigious grant of the Government of the Russian Federation to implement the Leading Universities International Competitiveness Enhancement Programme.

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Master in International Relations

Campus Full time September 2017 Russia Nizhny Novgorod

Graduates of the International Relations master's program are ready for professional work, which requires in-depth and fundamental knowledge of various aspects of international relations. [+]

Graduates of the International Relations master's program are ready for professional work, which requires in-depth and fundamental knowledge of various aspects of international relations.

A master's degree in International Relations provides the opportunity for employment as a diplomatic worker, consultant in the field of international relations or foreign area studies in state bodies, government and non-governmental organizations, educational and scientific institutions, foreign and Russian business structures.


Lobachevsky University has long-lasting international ties with leading scientific institutions in Europe, United States, countries of Middle East. Students of the "International Relations" program will have an opportunity to take part in language, practical, production, translation trainings in state and private structures of Russia, as well as in the training centers of the United States, France, Italy, Turkey, Syria, and China.... [-]

Master in Management

Campus Full time October 2017 Russia Nizhny Novgorod

Master of Management is a potential senior manager, responsible for the strategic development of the company, analyst-researcher, consultant and trainer for organizations in different industries. [+]

A Master's degree in Management is gaining popularity in business education, and the number of students enrolled in the programme is growing rapidly worldwide. The programme is designed to train professionals skilled in market research technology, creation and development of competitive businesses, management of large companies, who can also be involved in research and teaching.

Master of management is a potential senior manager, responsible for the strategic development of the company, analyst-researcher, consultant and trainer for organizations in different industries.

Training in the programme focuses on an in-depth study of: General and specific functions and information technology management; Methods of solving modern operational, tactical and strategic problems of the development of enterprises and organizations; Modern domestic and foreign forms and methods of governance; Internal relationships between supervisors and subordinates, and ways to address specific problems in such relations, with a focus on creating a favorable psychological climate. The programme includes such courses as "Mathematical Modeling in Financial Management”, “Financial Markets and Financial-Credit Institutions", "Contemporary Problems of Finance”, “Financial and Monetary Management of Economy”, “Finance of Organizations in the Innovation Economy», «Modern Concepts of Financial Management, Investment Management”, etc. [-]

Master in Mathematics and Computer Science

Campus Full time October 2017 Russia Nizhny Novgorod

The programme aims at developing professionals for systems integrators and software companies, large and medium-sized enterprises. [+]

Master’s degree programme in Mathematics and Computer Science aims at developing professionals for systems integrators and software companies, large and medium-sized enterprises with their own IT departments, research organizations conducting research and development in the field of high technology.

Graduates of the programme are specialists in the field of mathematics and computer science. The Master's programme focuses on computer modeling, simulation and visualization of technological and economic processes. This allows graduates to work not only in the field of information technology where they need to process and present the information, but also in areas requiring the development of mathematical models, data analysis, developing computational algorithms and their implementation. ... [-]

Master in Neurobiology

Campus Full time October 2017 Russia Nizhny Novgorod

This program is an interdisciplinary program of study and designed to provide students broad training opportunities in the field of Neurobiology. [+]

Lobachevsky University offers a master's degree program (taught in English) in the high priority scientific discipline of Neurobiology. The Neurobiology program is geared towards those who are interested in studying the principles of brain functionality. This field is highly relevant and offers tremendous perspectives in modern science. This is connected with the growth of medical applications: development in the area of prostheses, creation of systems for pharmacological testing, expansion of possibilities of research-instrument equipment. Technical applications include: development of smart navigation systems and control of electro-mechanical devices. The Neurobiology program includes a wide range of the fundamental issues and applied tasks in the area of biology, medicine, physics, and robotics. The Neurobiology program proposes the study of principles and mechanisms of functionality of cells and cellular networks of the brain. Experimental study methods in brain function include: electro-physiological methods of registration with the use of patch-clamp and multi-electrode technology, fluorescent optical imaging, and methods of mathematical modeling. Development of the Neurobiology program will provide preparation of highly qualified specialists in multi-disciplinary areas. Practical work is carried out in the Institute of Life Systems at the Niznhi Novgorod Neuroscience Center. The most modern equipment is used in: the optical Neuro-imaging laboratory, cellular electro-physiology, cellular technology, molecular neurobiology. The following practical-innovative courses are taught within the framework of the program: - Biology, - Biophysics, - Mathematical modeling, - Engineering, - Theory of oscillations and waves, - Physiology of higher neural activity, - Molecular-biology. Graduates of the program will be highly-qualified specialists; possessing... [-]

Master in Supercomputer Technologies and High Performance Computing

Campus Full time October 2017 Russia Nizhny Novgorod

The goal of this program is to train highly skilled specialists in supercomputer technologies, parallel programming and computations. [+]

The goal of the Master’s program is to train highly skilled specialists that have all modern scientific knowledge and practical skills necessary for using huge computational potential of high performance computer systems including parallel programming and database technologies, computer networks, parallel computations in applications, computer vision and others. The training courses of the educational program provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and the advanced practical training in supercomputer technologies and high performance computing. A considerable part of the study training is the broadened laboratory practical works intended for applying the studied knowledge and skills to solve practical problems of different complexity from the various application fields. The educational Master’s program is divided into basic and advanced blocks. The training courses of the basic block cover the main SC&HPC areas, while the courses constituting the advanced block are focused on using the parallel programming in selected knowledge domains. During the studies, the students will have access to the latest high performance hardware platforms (cluster systems with multicore computational nodes, graphic processors, coprocessors) to carry out the practical works on the courses. The supercomputer at the University of Nizhny Novgorod is one of the most powerful systems in the world. [-]


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