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Why Study Law in Catholic Porto?

The law degree course offers broadband training and allows students to choose from several professional careers.

At the same time, the creation of distinct options at the end of the course guides the student to various specialized branches of legal science. The course motivates the student to learn, to think well, creating true legal minds and not just technical interpreters limited to a rigid knowledge of the law.

The objective of the Faculty of Law of Católica Porto is, in fact, to combine fundamental theory with a practical application of the law.

What sets us apart

• Tradition and Modernity - Faithful to its tradition of rigor and excellence, the Faculty of Law of Católica Porto is strongly committed to innovation and modernity.

• Teachers - For more than thirty years, we have formed a solid body of teachers, trained internationally at prestigious universities in Europe and North America.

• Transversal Education - Taking advantage of the fact that we are located on a campus with other Schools, we can guarantee our students a transversal education (including Psychology, Management, Economics, Marketing, Political Science and Bioethics).

• International Experiences - As part of the attitude of “educating lawyers around the world”, we strongly favor and encourage international mobility among students.

• Practical Approaches - With our commitment to combine theory and practice, we have legal professionals to teach practical questions and seminars.


Católica Porto Law School is an institution of national and international renown. The objective of the Faculty of Law is to build a school that is open to change, constantly seeking to help its students achieve their career goals and committed to providing their teachers and researchers with the best possible conditions for the search for scientific truth.

The Porto Catholic Law School is strongly committed to strengthening internationalization activities, while expanding its network of international partnerships and increasing the number of international students.


Director Manuel Fontaine



Rua de Diogo Botelho,1327
4169-005 Porto, Porto District, Portugal

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