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Values ​​that mark the difference

The IMF Business School Group is a business group dedicated to the training of companies and individuals, with a strong commitment to quality and service. We contribute to the Personal and Professional development, with a high success rate in the specialization of Professionals.

IMF Portugal is a commercial company of Portuguese Law within the IMF Business School group, and its activity is addressed to the Portuguese Speaking Countries. The purpose of IMF Portugal is to carry out the activities of representation, dissemination, promotion and marketing in Portugal and in other Portuguese-speaking Countries, courses offered by institutions that provide distance learning (e-learning), Universities, Polytechnics and Schools, National or foreign.

The Institutions we represent and with which we maintain partnerships are a reference in their respective areas of knowledge, providing reference e-learning that can constitute the competitive difference in the set of acquired competencies and a critical success factor, particularly in the current highly competitive environment And demanding.

We are a constantly expanding business group

Since its inception the goal of IMF Business School has been to diversify year after year in response to a growing number of highly satisfied customers.

The excellent price-quality ratio of our training offer makes us leaders in the sector.

We have already trained more than 90,000 students and collaborated with more than 5,000 companies, some of the most important in Spain.

Our Values


Our vision is to be an international reference in the e-learning training of professionals in different technical areas.


We want to grow with you. The objective is to guarantee a high level of satisfaction of our clients thanks to a personalized attention and dedication and to the excellence in the quality of the service. This objective requires a continuous improvement in the technical and material resources and the maximum commitment of all our collaborators so that the training in the MFI is a different and unique experience.


  • Make higher education accessible by providing quality training at competitive prices.
  • Betting on new technologies to add value to training.
  • Physical proximity of the student through our national and international network of delegations and Associated Centers.
  • Personalized academic tutoring system. Extraordinarily motivated and always available team of teachers.
  • Internal commitment to our team, establishing policies that allow personal development based on trust, flexibility and self-demand.

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