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About AESE:

AESE is the oldest Business School in Portugal. It has been providing training in leadership and business since 1980. The recognition of its activity by the business world is the result of four main principles that make AESE a unique Business School. These are the 30 years of teaching the case method, the culture of learning by participating, the alumni network and social and corporate responsibility. In addition, the school’s international vision, learning by doing, respect for ethical and human values, and the rigorous and up-to-date research that is undertaken are some of the factors named by the 4000 business leaders that have participated in its Executive Programmes, and, therefore, have improved their leadership and managerial skills.

AESE is dedicated to specific training in business leadership and management from a Christian perspective of Man and Society.

The recognition in the business world of the work of AESE is the result of the four essential principles that make AESE unique:

• 30 years of instruction using the Case Method
• the culture of participatory learning
• the Alumni network
• and social and corporate responsibility.



• Promotes professional growth by offering the knowledge and skills needed for the ever-growing set of obstacles and daily decisions with optimism and success.

• Develops an integrated and global vision of the business environment, through the delivery of conferences, international weeks and informed lecturers.

• Fosters entrepreneurship and initiative, through developing leaders that significantly contribute towards society and the wider community.

• Trains responsible leaders, by reinforcing a constructive and confident leadership style; as well as positioning leadership through a humanistic and ethical perspective of
management and organisations

• Prepares leaders and develops skills required for Senior Management.

In 2008, the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) awarded the Executive MBA AESE/IESE the EPAS accreditation (European Programme Accreditation System). EPAS certifies the quality of the programme in terms of its Portuguese and international

The Executive MBA AESE/IESE is aimed at those individuals with an undergraduate degree and more than five years’ work experience, who wish to progress in their careers, either in their current place of work where they can embark on new projects and challenges, or in another organization, or even in a new area. The programme also aims to help individuals to start their own business.


Offers a platform for debate of ideas and values, in a high-level professional environment, with the rigour of the AESE faculty, an ideal opportunity to update and benefit from the knowledge of the methods, analytical instruments and conceptual models of business leadership, from the perspective of Senior Management. Includes a week working at IESE.

Length: 20 weeks, Lisbon - Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings
Intended for Entrepreneurs and Leaders with a minimum of 10 years of experience in Senior Management positions.


The key elements of the Business Management Programme are the development of each participant’s management ability into an overall business vision, the perfecting of leadership skills and the alignment of these skills to the company’s wider objectives and policies. Includes a week working at IESE.

Length: 24 weeks - Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings in Porto; Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings in Lisbon. Identical programme content in both cities
Intended for Managers seeking an overall business vision, with more than five years of experience in personnel management.


The key elements of this program four young executives are the development of a greater degree of self-knowledge, greater strategic understanding of business and the market, and improvement of personal capacities.

Length: 22 weeks - Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings in Porto; Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings in Lisbon. Identical programme content in both cities
The program was conceived for candidates with over five years of dynamic professional experience, with a great capacity for work and ambition to rise to new responsibilities. These will be people who manage teams or projects in large corporations, functional specialists capable of looking forward with perspective and the will to proceed to managing positions in medium-sized or large companies. Those who are already managers of small companies, entrepreneurs who started their own business, directors or shop managers.


By expanding knowledge of the various aspects of the Hospital Institution, from a perspective of optimisation and rationalisation of resources, the Health Sector Senior Management Programme enhances the ability to organise, motivate and manage personnel. Includes a week working at the Clínica Universidade de Navarra.

Length: 12 weeks - Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings in Lisbon; Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings in Porto
Intended for Hospital Managers in the public, private and social sectors; members of the Board of Directors; Directors of Services; Heads of Service or equivalent; doctors who carry out technical functions and have assumed management roles.


Social institutions each have their own very specific mission, a fact that was the driving force behind the creation of a management programme adapted to this reality, in terms of both the themes covered and the study materials employed.

The third sector, responsible for 4% of Portugal’s GDP and involving 25% of the citizens of Europe, depends in many cases on the coordination of goodwill. For identical positions, wages in the social sector are much lower than in the public or private sectors. GOS – Management of Social Organizations, is the result of a partnership that AESE and ENTRAJUDA established in order to provide management training to the leaders of social institutions. Participants see the GOS as an opportunity to reflect upon the efficient use of the scarce resources that institutions have at their disposal, to develop a strategy more tailored to their objectives and to motivate the personnel of the institution. GOS, a Further Education Programme designed for Leaders of Social Economy Institutions (Social Solidarity Institutions, NGOs, Charities and other non-profit organisations), was created to assist with the management and optimisation of these scarce resources.

Length: 10 weeks, in Lisbon, Monday afternoons.



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