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- FACULTY: Professors from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, The National Film School in Łódź, and the Poznań University of Arts. Internationally known Artists. Highly competent professionals. - BACHELOR’S DEGREE: Valid in 47 countries including the European Union - PROGRAMME: Extensive professional and artistic education. A great number of courses and a tutorial system. Theory, practice and field trips. - ENVIRONMENT: A very friendly and warm atmosphere. Small classes. Individual care of our students.


FLATS Flats: private or shared. There are many apartments for rent available in Warsaw. The price of the rent depends on how far the flat is located from the center of Warsaw, on the number of rooms, surface area, standards and on whether you want to live by yourself or share the apartment with one or several persons. Please let us know your choice and your budget for the rent. We will send you the necessary contacts with owners and check the flat. For your orientation here are some typical monthly rents for flats: - 400 Euro for a studio flat. - 500 Euro for a two-room flat. - 650 Euro for a three-room flat. - Additional expenses: utilities.


Living in Warsaw is cheaper than in western European cities. The cost of living depends on individual needs and lifestyle. Approximately 600 to 800 Euro per month is needed to cover the cost of accommodation, transportation, and food. If you live very modestly, you could get by with 500 Euro per month.


All international students staying in Poland longer than three months are required to obtain a temporary residence permit. The permit is issued for a period of a student’s stay in Poland up to three years. Evidence of the permit is a Temporary Residence Card (Karta pobytu czasowego) which is an identity card for foreigners in Poland. Together with a passport, it allows passing the borders as often as you like without a visa. We will help you get your residence permit.


Health insurance is mandatory for all students for the whole duration of their stay in Poland. International students are advised to purchase third party liability insurance and accident insurance in their home countries. EU/EFTA citizens should get a European Health Insurance Card valid during their stay in Poland. Non-EU/EFTA citizens can sign a health insurance agreement with the Polish National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) or with one of the private clinics in Warsaw.


Warsaw is an exciting and booming European capital with over 1.7 million inhabitants. It is situated on the Vistula river between the Baltic Sea and the Tatra Mountains. There are about 300.000 higher education students in Warsaw and among them several thousand foreigners. Many young Poles speak English and are very helpful to foreigners. They generate an atmosphere of openness, warmth and friendliness. Warsaw is a dynamic city in Central Europe offering a lively cultural and art scene. The important cultural capitals Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Vilnius situated within 550 km. of Warsaw are easily accessed.



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