WSB University in Gdansk


WSB University in Gdansk cares about its students. The proper infrastructure positively influences the comfort of studying. We have prepared for you modern learning labs with high-class equipment and software and space for learning and relaxation. Moreover, the buildings are the disabled friendly. It is pure pleasure to study in such place.

Friendly places

The following facilities are at your service within the buildings:

  • A courtroom: tailored for law faculties, a special courtroom was prepared for the practice of courtroom proceedings where relevant simulation classes take place.
  • Photo lab – the University’s own lab is used by students of graphic design and multimedia to train their practical skills. The lab is equipped with professional lighting, cameras, changeable backgrounds for photography and a movie camera.
  • Quiet and vocal workrooms: there are two rooms in the library which can be booked by students to provide them with space for work in groups over a project, for example, while simultaneously being able to use the library resources.
  • Student zones – four rooms furnished with comfortable sofas, tables, coffee machines and a TV set. The rooms provide space to rest or to learn in breaks between classes.
  • Green areas with benches, hammocks, wooden houses, places to learn, relax, eat, talk and socialize.

Practicality is our priority

WSB University in Gdansk is a school largely providing practical classes. This is one of our distinctive features. As the only ones in the region, we provide classes in a dual system which means that approximately 50% of subjects in a given speciality at part-time studies relates to classes executed at our business partner’s premises. Owing to that, our students acquire practical knowledge as well as skills that they will be able to use in their professional career, in the future. Classes are conducted by teachers-practitioners where theory is confronted with real-life cases. Students may also get answers to absorbing questions that concern practical aspects of the profession they study.

WSB also assists in initiating a professional career. Every year, the Careers Office offers over 1000 professional practice, internship and work offer in companies with varied activity profiles. This is why the students may practically utilise the knowledge acquired during their studies and earn some additional income.

International Relations Department

International Relations Department at WSB University in Gdansk is very active not only in its daily acquisition of foreign students but also in helping them in the adaptation process at school. The Department organises language courses for foreigners, adaptation days, cultural workshops and assist in finding accommodation.

Since there are various nationals working in the Department including Nepalese, Ukrainians and Poles, we are able to understand our foreign students and offer them services they need.




aleja Grunwaldzka 238a,
80-266 Gdańsk, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland

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