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The Neumann Postgraduate School is a School recognized by the Peruvian State, which began its creation process in 2008 and obtained the approval of the Institutional Development Project through Resolution 207-2010-CONAFU, and was subsequently authorized to operate Through Resolution 400-2012-CONAFU. At the present time the Postgraduate School is regulated by the National Superintendence of University Education, has fulfilled with the adaptation of the Statutes to the new University Law Nro. 30220 and has complied with the registration of its authorities before SUNEDU.

Institutional Vision

Be recognized for our academic quality and the use of advanced technology in the development of international programs

Institutional Mission

Create a learning space for the development of capacities that bring value to the person and their organization.


Neumann Business School, recognized among the best schools in Latin America, in the Executive Education Ranking of the América Economía Magazine (Year 2016)

Advantages of Training at the CDE Neumann

What does the company earn with trained workers in the CDE Neumann?

  • Competitiveness
  • Improvement of internal activities and processes
  • Effective communication between collaborators
  • Differentiation of other companies for their Quality Culture
  • Improved internal and external customer satisfaction
  • High impact
  • Be more attractive to talented staff who not only seek to make a trade, but develop in it.

What does the trained worker at the CDE Neumann earn?

  • Decreased stress.
  • It motivates much more for its better results.
  • Overcoming personal and professional.
  • Improve your accounting.
  • Job Opportunity.
  • Improvement in your quality of life.
  • Possibilities of promotion in the company.
  • Adequate management of resources.
  • Higher analytical capacity.
  • Ease in decision making.

Why train at the CDE Neumann?

  • Design of programs to the measure, from a course, a program or a training plan.
  • We offer a practical methodology.
  • We have a large team of teachers.
  • We offer you a personalized and professional service.
  • We have a system for monitoring and measuring results.

The courses and programs we develop at Neumann have always had that perfect combination between strengthening key competencies and doing so through an integrative and rewarding experience.

Neumann has become a great support for our processes of improvement and strengthening of capacities, we work diverse programs in different specialties and with great results.


The Institute of Higher Education John Von Neumann began its activities in 1992. Its first director, Don Leoncio Núñez Arrieta, began in the district of Pocollay in the province of Tacna. The first institutional site was the home of our founder In the Av. Francisco Antonio de Zela No. 1307, initially occupied the first floor of the property and then all of it. It was 1999 when he moved to his second place on Av. Bolognesi No. 987, which was initially a mansion and then gave way to a modern 5-storey building, which offered multiple services to students.

The resolution of creation of the Institute, is the Ministerial Resolution Nro. 619-ED, which was issued in 1992, the first professional technical course was created, named "International Business Administration", which has achieved a great position in the city of Tacna, and the southern area of Peru, thanks to the large number of graduates and their outstanding professional quality.

The educational model used in the Neumann Institute is based on three fundamental axes: pedagogy, pragmatism and attitudes. Pedagogy is fundamental, all teachers are excellent communicators, with great ability to transmit and motivate, all use much technology, and manage to connect with their students, to develop the contents of their subjects. Pragmatism is inherent in the technical condition of careers; curricula consider in a relevant way the techniques and tools that companies use today, in that sense students are trained with the ability to exercise their professions immediately in the Business. Finally, our model aims to develop the attitudes of the professional neumann, so communication, leadership, teamwork, optimism and proactivity are developed transversally throughout the career.



Neumann Business School

Av. Bolognesi 987

Tacna, Tacna, Peru
+51 52 426114


EFMD Equis Accredited
AACSB Accredited