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Who we are... IIMTS is a global institute committed to meet the needs and ambitions of a culturally and internationally diverse range of students, by providing challenging academic programs from many accredited and approved International Universities. It has technical collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya, UCN, Central America & Azteca University, Mexico. When you choose to take a course from any of the Universities in an offer from IIMTS, you will be choosing a pioneering institute. The time spent at IIMTS will be a real investment of time and efforts that will reap the benefit of you now and throughout your professional and personal life. IIMTS show you the way...! IIMTS is purely oriented in the delivery of world-class educational and skill advancement facilities to students and professionals who thrive in a day in and day out the format to acquire the potential to grow above all. IIMTS with it's specially designed courses which are provided by the famous and accomplished International universities help you in caring for yourself a nich in today's competitive environment. The courses at the universities are specifically designed and detailed by experts in the field who are faculty at these universities. Working professionals who have amassed hahard-earnednowledge, also contribute in formatting the courses which are imparted to the students. The counseling service at IIMTS can help you remove all the confusion from your heart and tell you the best way to get to your goal which has been alluding you for a very long time! Increase your net worth in the job market Over 5000 working professionals have teamed up with IIMTS and acquired Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees via digital mode in a fast track way through reputed accredited universities worldwide, while studying from the comfort of their homes.

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