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It makes a difference where you study. NHH is one of the best business schools in Europe and is a member of the exclusive CEMS network (www.cems.org) – the strategic alliance of 30 leading business schools, 65 multinational companies and five NGO partners. NHH aims to be an international leader in selected research areas, and our faculty are in high demand as experts in the business world, the media and society as a whole.

We welcome talented students from across the world to our master’s programmes and offer them a first-rate education – with no tuition fee.

NHH is a government-funded university and therefore charges no application or tuition fees. As a student at NHH, the only fee you are required to pay is a small semester registration fee to the Student Welfare Organization in Bergen (SiB), allowing you to benefit from their services. The amount is currently approximately NOK 800 per semester. Some applicants are obliged to document financial ability in order to be granted a residence permit to study in Norway (citizens outside the EU/EEA area and Switzerland).

NHH graduates have relevant jobs waiting. According to our recent employment survey, 3 out of 4 students have already landed a job before they graduate. The average salary for NHH graduates is approximately NOK 520 000 (approx. 63 000 USD) including benefits.

NHH graduates find employment in different branches:

Consulting, auditing and accounting – 49 % Banking, insurance and finance – 22,4 % Public administration, research and teaching – 8,2 % IT/telecom and transport/shipping – 8,2 % Industry, oil/gas and energy – 5,1 % Trade, public relations and marketing/advertising – 5,1 % Other – 2 %

Many of our international students choose to stay in Norway after they have graduated. Our most recent survey shows that 58 percent of graduates are working in Norway, while the remaining 42 percent travel abroad for work.

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The business community is there from day 1
At NHH we have close links to business and industry. The school's extensive cooperation with Norwegian and international companies will make sure you get a learning experience that is relevant, up to date and focused on helping you become a business leader of tomorrow. Our students get inspiration from meeting representatives from the business community all year round through guest lectures, case presentations, seminars and conferences, career days and company presentations.

As a student at NHH, you will have excellent opportunities to gain valuable international experience during your studies through exchange programmes, the CEMS Master’s in International Management (MIM), Double Degrees and summer courses.

Exchange semester with one of our partner schools CEMS Master’s in International Management Double Degree Programmes Innovation School at Berkeley Summer course at Fudan University

Check out some NHH students’ international experiences and read their stories: http://bit.ly/2fXZjEN

For more inspiration, search #nhhworldwide on Instagram and see what the students experience abroad.

STUDENT LIFE AT NHH – practical experience and lots of fun
NHH students are in general well satisfied with their studies and student life at NHH, and recent surveys show that 95 percent would recommend NHH to a friend.

To help make sure you get off to the best possible start, the student association (NHHS) and NHH organise a Welcome Week at the start of your first semester.

As an NHH student, you automatically become a member of NHHS, one of the most active student associations in Norway. Participating in one or more of the association’s activities give you a chance to make new friends, pursue your interests and gain new experiences. Taking part in the activities also gives you practical experiences and a way to develop your teamwork and leadership skills and test academic theories in real life. Relevant experiences while studying are highly valued by potential employers.

NHHS activities range from sports clubs for football, basketball and outdoor activities, to financial and entrepreneurial groups, school newspapers, a TV channel, a photography group, a dance group and several choirs.

Big student events:

The cultural festival UKEN is the largest student event in the western part of Norway. For three weeks, students organise stage shows, concerts and other events that attract thousands of visitors to the school. The NHH Symposium is Northern Europe’s largest student-run conference for the business community. Business leaders and top politicians attend the event, discussing current global issues. TEDxBergen is an annual conference that is organised by students from NHH.

Norway has a strong tradition of equality and fairness, something that has fostered a high degree of gender, economic and social equality. The United Nations ranks Norway as one of the countries with the highest quality of life.

The Norwegian system of higher education comprises all the institutions that are accredited. With the exception of some private university colleges, all higher education institutions are state-run.

Norway undoubtedly has one of the best welfare systems in the world, and as a student here you are ensured professional medical treatment no matter which part of the country you are living in.

The Norwegian economy is dominated by the development of and trade in energy and natural resources. Offshore oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, and power generation are important business areas for the country.

Bergen is a cosmopolitan city with a small-town charm and atmosphere. The city offers a wide variety of urban, culture and nature attractions. The combination of city life and nature is unique. Surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands, Bergen has an exceptional proximity to nature. It is only a short walk from the urban city life to a mountain hike up to Floyen or a boat trip to one of the islands.

See NHH's Student Blog for tips about coming to Norway and Bergen: http://bit.ly/2gddysk

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Master's in Economics

Campus Full time August 2018 Norway Bergen

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration [+]

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration ECTS credits: 120 Duration: two years

The programme will give you the skills to analyse markets and industries and the economic challenges facing private business, public institutions and the development in countries and regions. It will provide you with important perspectives for understanding an increasingly globalised economy.

Understanding economic mechanisms is vital for the success of business and the design of public policy and this master’s programme offers a thorough and comprehensive education in economic theory and econometrics. You will be equipped to analyse core economic questions such as:

What are the effects of the financial crisis? Why are some mergers not profitable? Is taxing wealth a good idea? How fast should oil resources be exploited? ... [-]

Master's in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment

Campus Full time August 2018 Norway Bergen

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration [+]

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration ECTS credits: 120 Duration: two years

NHH is one of few business schools in the world where you can specialise in business within the energy sector and graduates from this master’s programme are in great demand. This programme aims to educate the next generation of interdisciplinary managers in the fields of energy and natural resource development.

Future development and prosperity depends largely on access to energy sources and secure, reliable supplies of natural resources. Exploitation of these resources has a significant impact on the environment and getting the balance right is a critical factor in the commercial world where business sustainability is increasingly defined by factors going beyond the bottom line.... [-]

Master's in Finance

Campus Full time August 2018 Norway Bergen

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration [+]

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration ECTS credits: 120 Duration: two years

The programme prepares students for a wide range of outstanding career opportunities within financial services, consulting and auditing. The portfolio is designed and taught by NHH’s internationally recognised finance faculty, whose academic research and industry knowledge ensure that the courses are relevant and of high quality.

The courses combine a rigorous theoretical approach with relevant applications and students will develop a deep understanding of the theoretical framework and empirical evidence in finance. You will learn to analyse real-life problems related to financial markets and financial decision-making in firms, and to apply principles at the research frontier.... [-]

Master's in International Business

Campus Full time August 2018 Norway Bergen

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration [+]

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration ECTS credits: 120 Duration: two years

The forces of globalisation and internationalisation have brought people, businesses and markets across the world closer together than ever before. Modern companies need to master both international and local dimensions to succeed in an increasingly competitive setting and today’s global business environment offers excellent opportunities for qualified professionals seeking international careers.

International Business at NHH is a specialised programme designed to equip students with the right mix of analytical and practical skills for a career within multinational companies, international organisations or smaller firms whose activities involve a substantial degree of international business. The programme provides you with the right balance between theoretical education and praxis-oriented case studies and interactions with the business community.... [-]

Master's in Marketing and Brand Management

Campus Full time August 2018 Norway Bergen

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration [+]

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration ECTS credits: 120 Duration: two years

Building and managing strong brands is key to gaining competitive advantage and long-term profitability for products, services, companies and organisations. The Marketing and Brand Management programme provides students with in-depth and research-based knowledge on marketing, consumer behaviour, innovation and brand management.

Understanding consumer and competitor behaviour is essential to every business and organisation. Customer and competitor insights provide the basis for developing sound strategies as well as optimal market positioning and effective marketing tactics. The programme integrates theory and practical applications from strategy and marketing to assist students in developing strong brands and making future market decisions. ... [-]

Master's in Strategy and Management

Campus Full time August 2018 Norway Bergen

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration [+]

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration ECTS credits: 120 Duration: two years

Strategy and Management focuses on how managers and employees can develop businesses to become efficient and competitive whilst maintaining corporate social responsibility. How can firms create value and develop a competitive advantage? How can business leaders through their employees carry out necessary strategic modifications? What is good management and what fosters productive employees?

The study of strategy is fundamentally about understanding why some businesses succeed while others do not. Within this framework, the Strategy and Management programme focuses on two sets of fundamental questions that illuminate this overarching theme in different ways: ... [-]


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