Our college offers students 30 credits (one year – equivalent to 60 “studiepoeng” in the Norwegian system) in the American university system as part of a US Bachelor’s Degree. ACN’s cooperative partners are:

  • University of North Dakota (UND) in Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • West Chester University (WCU) in West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Adelphi University (AU) in Garden City, New York.
  • Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) in Manchester, New Hampshire.

ACN students who successfully complete the ACN program are guaranteed admission. In addition, with the credits gained from ACN, students can choose to apply to the university of their choice in the US. When students successfully complete the courses at ACN, they can be eligible for transfer to UND, WCU, AU or SNHU as a Junior (third year) student. While at ACN they gain an excellent understanding of the American university system, build a network of student and faculty contacts (both Norwegian and American) and can then make a smooth transition into the university system. ACN helps students with practical and bureaucratic details so they can concentrate more on their studies and their transition will be smooth. The close cooperation with these universities enables ACN to host American professors each semester. The vast majority of Norwegian students return to Norway to pursue careers in their area of study. Past students report that they have been stronger candidates in job interviews because of their international study experience. In the past, ACN students have received degrees in a wide range of areas, but especially popular are: Communications – Media, Broadcasting, Journalism, PR., Peace Studies, Aerospace and all area of Business. ACN students are presently working in Norway within the fields of TV, radio, schools, and business – both large and small. ACN is an important opportunity for the international students as well. American students come from all parts of the US, but primarily from the mid-west. ACN has a special appeal to the Norwegian-American community and students are often attracted because of their Norwegian heritage. We have also had students from Iran, Iraq, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Cameroon, Ghana, China, Canada, Vietnam, Philippines, and Bosnia. They leave Norway with a special fondness for the country, the people, and the college. ACN


The American College of Norway has celebrated more than 25 academic years. It was founded in 1990 by Dr. Steinar Opstad, a former Vice President of NHO, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise. In 1992, ACN began with 12 Norwegian and 12 American students coming together to study in a quaint farm mansion on the island of Jeløy in Moss, Østfold, Norway. Throughout the years the program has expanded to 70 students from Norway, the United States, and countries from all over the world. ACN is now located in the beautiful Convention Building (Konvensjonsgaarden), downtown Moss, near the public library, cafes, shopping, and nightlife.

Why ACN?

There are a variety of reasons that students begin their education at the American College of Norway. Studying at ACN allow students to receive 30 credits (one year) toward your Bachelor’s degree, which will enable you to start as a third year (junior) at our cooperative partners' university in the US. Second, ACN offers a gradual introduction into the American university system. The class structure and social networks of American universities are quite different than those at Norwegian colleges and universities. Students are eased into new ways of doing things and are better prepared for their studies at an American university. ACN gives students the opportunity to improve their English reading, writing, comprehension and speaking skills. While students must be fluent to be admitted to ACN, most report that after a year here their English skills have vastly improved. This prepares students for greater success throughout their studies. The staff is equipped to assist students with various non-academic aspects of preparing to study in the United States such as applying to schools, finding housing, and applying for a visa. This assistance is invaluable, and with our help, your journey to the US can be much less stressful. Last, ACN is fun! Students form a close-knit group of friends they otherwise would not have met.Throughout the year there are countless activities for students, both inside and outside of school. Students gain a network of friends and classmates, which will help later in life when job searching. Many students even choose to attend the same American universities so when they arrive in America they already have a social network. This makes the life-changing move from Norway to America much easier. ACN

Norwegian Students

80-90% of our students are Norwegian, and most students apply directly to ACN from high school. We accept 70 students each year, and most of them enroll in the fall semester. It is also possible to apply for spring semester which starts in January.

Application requirements:

  • A complete application form (ACN Application)
  • All applicants must have attained generell studiekompetanse by the start of the semester of which they are applying
  • All applicants are required to submit a personal essay answering this question: “Why am I interested in this educational opportunity?”
  • The recommended grade point average is 4.0 (Norwegian Scale)- Please contact for clarity
  • Priority will be given to fall applicants that submit a completed application by May 1st. The application deadline for spring semester is November 25th.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Programmes taught in:
  • English

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