Benson Idahosa University


History and Philosophy


After the establishment of Church of God Mission in the 1960s, Archbishop Benson Idahosa received specific directions from God to venture into the area of education, starting from Nursery education to the University level.


By 1981, the Vision of Christian Faith University (CFU), which was later renamed Benson Idahosa University, had matured in the mind of the Archbishop. But the actualisation of the vision had to be suspended to provide room for the establishment of the highly reputable WORD OF FAITH GROUP OF SCHOOLS (Nursery, primary and secondary) in the 1980s


In 1992, Archbishop Benson Idahosa applied to the Honourable Minister of Education for a licence to establish and operate a private University. Following this development, an expert team of Academics and Professionals was set up to prepare a feasibility report, an Academic Brief and develop a Master Plan for the proposed University. Operating as the Institute of continuous learning (ICL), the proposed University organised academic and professional programs for young students.


Christian Faith University became Benson Idahosa University and F.E.B Idahosa became the university’s second president


In February 2002, ten years after the application to start a private University, the Federal Government, acting through the National Universities Commission (NUC), graciously granted Benson Idahosa University license to operate. The University started operating as a fully licensed institution in March 2002 with an initial student enrolment of 400, registered into two faculties (Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences, Education and Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences).


Benson Idahosa University’s first post accreditation annual convocation

Our Vision

Benson Idahosa University aspires to be model for Academics, Professionals and Entrepreneurs, who will be effective disciples for Christ by excelling in their professional fields. It will be distinguished by high performance in interdisciplinary research, addressing national and international problems, eliminating wrong behavioural patterns among students and becoming a storehouse of knowledge to be used for benefit of mankind on Christian ethical principles designed to change the nation and the continent by changing one student’s life at a time.

Our Mission

Benson Idahosa University is a private Christian University providing state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education. We are committed to the mission of raising leaders for the nation, who are complete in spirit, mind and body, thus contributing to the production of high-level leadership and quality manpower for the nation and the world. We perform these functions by judiciously utilising current information and communication technology, networking with similar institutions worldwide, putting people first in operations and emphasising Christian ethical values. The beneficiaries of the University’s service are students, employers of labour, present and future generations, Nigeria and the global community.

Our Core Purpose

Change Nigeria

Our Core Values (TOP-TIAA)

  • Teamwork
  • Ownership Mentality
  • People Matter
  • Transparency & Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Academic excellence with Godliness


Students enjoy a crisis-free campus environment, where they can peacefully achieve their academic pursuits. There are no cults or strikes on campus.

Our student’s leadership programme i.e. the resident advisors, student chaplains, and more offer students leadership roles that help them develop their leadership and communication skills to succeed long after they graduate.

We have very conducive hostel accommodations, sporting facilities and sizeable lecture halls that conveniently accommodate all students.

Every student is exposed to training from some of the most renowned leadership institutes and knowledgeable men and women of great achievements. By this, they are inspired and their perspective broadened on spiritual growth in Christ, leadership, wealth, creation, politics, entertainment and more.

Every student is given equal opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience through special programmes, tasks, entrepreneurship attachments and internships with top-notch companies in their fields of interest to get them equipped for life after school.

Students have opportunities to earn scholarships through diligent application in their academics, leadership responsibilities and extracurricular activities.

All students, irrespective of course of study, receive training in entrepreneurship, administration, management, personal branding, proposal development, resume writing and communication, negotiation, and project management.


Benin City

Private Mail Bag 1100,
University Way.
Off Upper Adesuwa Road
Government Reservation Area (GRA).

Benin City, Edo, Nigeria


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