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Principles and Values

"The entire Catholic University as a university is an academic community which, in a rigorous and critical way, contributes to the defense and development of human dignity and to cultural heritage through research, teaching and the various services provided to local communities, national and international. "[1]

"It is an honor and a responsibility of the Catholic University to devote itself unreservedly to the cause of truth ... is distinguished by its free investigation of the whole truth about nature, man and God. "

The Catholic University of Mozambique, in harmony with these words of the Apostolic Constitution EX CORDE ECCLESIAE of the Supreme Pontiff JOHN PAUL II on Catholic Universities, bases its existence on the meanings of Truth and Service and seeks permanently unity in the variety of knowledge human.

The University recognizes in its roots a strong inspiration in the values ​​of Christian civilization and does not recognize frontiers in its specific role, assuming that its task transcends the national geographic scope and surpasses idiomatic and ideological limitations. It is a community that strives to seek knowledge and then to concretely project social, cultural, economic, scientific, technological and moral development in Mozambique.

Based on Catholic principles, the UCM pursues the following values:

  • Promotion of Person and Life: to promote the personal development of each collaborator and each of his / her students, whatever their age and condition, by creating a rigorous and demanding learning environment, scientific research and service provision for all;
  • Truth Seeking: to seek the truth , indefatigably and critically, through teaching and learning, of scientific research and extension, making this quest the essence of its mission as a University;
  • Defense of Freedom and Independence: to develop, in freedom and independence, teaching practices, scientific research and service provision;
  • Promotion of Solidarity: to cultivate solidarity as a value that will more and better develop the community and the world we inhabit and that we want it to have an increasingly human face;
  • Promotion of Democracy, Citizenship and Patriotism: promoting democratic and citizen values ​​in a State governed by the rule of law; to cultivate love and defense to the motherland, the freedoms of conscience, of choice and thought, respecting the religious, cultural, ethnic diversity and dignity of the human person.

The Catholic University of Mozambique assumes a strong commitment to the society that surrounds it. It is at the service of the common good, contributing to the development of the community and the full growth of man. It promotes dialogue, justice and peace.


UCM's vision is essentially to consolidate and reinforce its position as a center of excellence in promoting: (a) knowledge and technological innovation, (b) scientific research activity and (c) service provision extension and intervention in the economic, ethical and social development of the country, the region and the world. The UCM aims to be recognized as a national, regional and international reference university for the dynamism, creativity, quality and excellence of its courses, scientific research activities and services provided to the community.


Guided by Christian Catholic principles, the mission of UCM is: (a) to develop and disseminate scientific knowledge and culture; and (b) to promote, in all fields of knowledge, quality and permanent integral training of citizens and professionals committed to life and the sustainable development of Mozambican society, as well as the world at large.


"The Catholic University, along with any other University, is inserted in human society. In order to carry out its service to the Church, it is requested - always within the framework of its own competence - to be an increasingly effective instrument of cultural progress for both individuals and society.

Its research activities will therefore include the study of serious contemporary problems such as the dignity of human life, the promotion of justice for all, the quality of personal and family life, the protection of nature, the search for peace and stability a more equitable sharing of the world's riches and a new economic and political order that better serves the human community at national and international levels.

The university investigation will be directed to study in depth the roots and causes of the serious problems of our time, with special attention to its ethical and religious dimensions. "[1]

"For many years I myself have had a beneficent experience that has enriched me internally, of what is proper to university life: the ardent search for truth and its selfless transmission to young people and all those who learn to reason with rigor, to act with righteousness and to better serve human society. " [2]

[1] Apostolic Constitution Ex Cordae Ecclesiae of the Supreme Pontiff JOHN PAUL II

[2] Ditto



Rua Comandante Gaivão nº 688, Ponta-Gêa, C.P. 821, Beira, Moçambique
Maputo, Maputo, Mozambique